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හිතක් දරඳඩු නුඹට නැතිකොට…

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හිටි හැටියේ ඇද හැලෙන
වැස්ස වගෙ මයෙ හිතත්
මටත් නොදැනිම අයාලේ යන
මටත් නොදැනිම ඉහිරිලා යන….
ඉතිං අර මහ පොළොව වාගේ
දරන් ඉන්ටැයි කෝම කියමි ද
හිතක් දරඳඩු නුඹට නැතිකොට?…

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  1. Uddala Wishwatharani

    It’s about a complicated relationship between a couple.He knows about how badly he has hurt her feelings from his unforgivable behaviour.But still he loves her very much.If it say how big his love is,he wants to let her go from this pain.That what true love is.Love is giving.This poem is emphasizing it.Eventhough rain is his mind,He doesn’t want to tell earth is her mind.Because Earth is rough.But her mind is soft and lovely.How possible that soft lovely mind of hers bears his rough behaviour.

    1. RC_UoK

      Thank you so much for your beautiful interpretation! We appreciate it. Regards!

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