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Continuing the legacy of HearME – Day 04 and 05

After completing three productive sessions, the final discussion of the project Hear Me was a two day workshop on personality development, which was conducted on 11th and 12th October 2021. Dr. Chaminda Weerasiriwardhana, Senior Counselor and Psychologist. He joined the first day where he elaborated the importance of personality development, educated the audience on types of personalities and provided us with analytical answers to all the questions asked with regards to issues with personalities.

The second day of the workshop was also a successful session with Ms. Rasini Bandara, Personality Development Coach, where the audience was given a personality test at the end. During the session they were made aware of the significance of a personality test and also the results of the test were interpreted by the resource person. Examining the issues written by the people prior to the discussion series, there were a significant number of responses encircling the issues with regards to personality development such as difficult in expressing oneself and lack of self confidence. This was the mere reason why the committee decided to conduct a workshop which turned out as an immense success just as the previous sessions.

This summed up the project Hear Me making it a remarkable project within the club which could in real terms make an impact on the society. The organizing committee received amazing feedbacks about the overall project further proving the favorable outcome of it. As a part of the project, certain people were also directed to further medication under the advice of the resource persons. As a concluding note, the project Hear Me was a true success revealing the spirit of Rotaract.

~Written by Rtr. Shakya Wickramaarachchi | Featured image designed by: Rtr. Rahma Zuhri~

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