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DRR Visit & General Meeting – Month of December

On 21st of December 2020, we decided to have our Monthly General Meeting because our beloved DRR , Rtn.Rtr.PP Kasun Sigera was visiting us. We thought that this will be a new experience for our members, having a chance to directly communicate with the DRR and also to show off their hard work & talent. We started the meeting at 7.30 P.M.

The meeting began with the Seargent-at-arm Rtr.Umesha Anuththara calling the house to order and the president, Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage addressing the gathering. Then, Rtr. Isuru Dissanayake took over the controls to carry out the flag salutation, Rotaract invocation and the Fourway test. Next, Rtr. Sahan Rashmika, the Secretary of the club delivered the minutes of the last club meeting.

Then a small recap video was played to encourage the members to participate in more club events. Afterwards the President made the welcome speech. Then a chance was given to make special announcements. Then, one of our talented Rotaractors presented us an amazing entertainment item. Next the directors from each avenue talked about their ongoing projects and the ones they are planning to do. All the members were highly encouraged to contribute to the projects.

Next, we had the most important event, our magazine launch. Everyone was invited to read our magazine and president Rtr.Nipuna Rambukkanage complimented the editorial team and everyone else involved in the magazine launch. Then it was the time for the DRR speech. He congratulated and complimented all the members for their hard work and enthusiasm. He encouraged our members to continue with their work and do better in the future. He continued to talk about the importance of Rotaract movements too.

Then began the fun part of the meeting. Birthday celebrations of the December babies and the announcement of the Members of the Month, Most Enthusiastic Members of the month and the Directors of the Month for the month of November. They were highly appreciated for their contributions and everyone was encouraged to participate more in club activities as well as other Rotaract club activities.

The meeting continued as another recap video was aired on the memories we had so far. We are sure that this encouraged the members to get involved more in the Rotaract movement. The meeting was adjourned with well wishes for the upcoming new year.

Written By : Rtr.Isuri Gunatilake

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