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Monthly General Meeting- November

The Monthly general meeting of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya for the month of November was held on 26th of November at 7.30 p.m. virtually via zoom.
 Rtr. Sahan Silva , the secretary  of the club delivered the minutes of the previous meeting. The President Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage appreciated all the directors for their huge contribution for the projects and presented a brief  description of the completed projects.
Later on, the Vice President of the club Rtr. Kisal ekanayake invited the interested members to join hand with the Covid 19 awareness project. Next all the directors from each avenue presented the announcements about their ongoing projects and upcoming projects with the expectation of increasing the enthusiastic participation of the members.

Then, it was the time to introduce the members of the month, most enthusiastic members of the month and directors of the month. All the selected members were highly praised for their commitment and other members were also encouraged to participate the upcoming projects. Next the birthday celebrations of the month were announced .

The President asked everyone to stay safe inside due to the prevailing pandemic situation and the end of the general meeting for the month of November was adjourned with the speech of the President.

~Written By Rtr. Samadhi Wijethunge, Team Leader- Editorial Avenue

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