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Monthly General Meeting- October.

On the 23rd of October 2020, the Monthly General Meeting of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya was held virtually. We were so glad to see the attendance of 100+ members for the meeting.

It started around 7.15 P.M with the Sargent-at-arms calling the house to order. Then the Secretary Rtr.Sahan Silva read the minutes of the previous meeting.

Afterwards, President Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage addressed the gathering. He appreciated the enthusiasm of all the members and encouraged them to keep up the good work. He also appreciated everyone who took part in “Snehadana”. ( If you are yet to check out what Snehadana is, just click
Rtr.Nipuna also thanked everyone who contributed to “Down the Wicket – 2020” to make it an immense success. ( Down the wicket? Don’t know what it is? Just go to .

Then, Vice President Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake addressed the attendees regarding the current situation due to the pandemic. He kindly announced that anyone with financial or other needs can inform the executive committee so that the Rotaract community can take necessary action to help the ones in need as soon as possible.

Then, it was time for the director announcements. All the avenue directors updated the members about the recent projects that were organised and the upcoming projects. As usual, everyone was encouraged to participate and give their maximum to these projects. After the avenue announcements, it was time to announce the members/ directors/avenues for the month of September.

 Most Outstanding Avenues : Community Service , Sports and Entertainment.

 Most Enthusiastic Members : Rtr.Sahan Pushpika , Rtr.Lochana Nethmini , Rtr.Shaikh Dawood , Rtr.Durangi Shashiprabha , Rtr.Karthigesu Sasikumar.

 Members of the Month : Rtr.Sewwandi Madanayake, Rtr.Anuradha Sewwandi

 Team Leaders of the Month: Rtr.Gayan Muthukumara

 Directors of the Month: Rtr.Gimhani Rathnayake, Rtr.Rusiru Nipun, Rtr.Kalani Narmada.

Then came the mostly awaited part of the meeting. Celebtrating October birthdays! The names of the October babies were announced accordingly. Then the president terminated the meeting by expressing his best wishes to everyone. Although it was quite sad that we couldn’t celebrate with an actual cake, we are pretty sure that many virtual hugs & kisses were shared! Oh and a virtual cake too.
Till we meet again,
Viva la Rotaract!

written by: Rtr. Isuri Gunatilake, Co-Editor.

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