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Monthly General Meeting-September.

It was the day everyone was waiting for. The first physical meeting for the year 2020, with the new members. On 16th of September 2020, at 4.00 P.M the K14 hall of the Faculty of Humanities was filled with nearly 100+ members, who participated in the meeting.
The meeting began with the Seargent-at-arm Rtr.Umehsa Anuththara calling the house to order and the president, Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage addressing the gathering. Then, Rtr. Isuri Gunatilake took over the controls to carry out the flag salutation, Rotaract invocation and the Fourway test.
Next, Rtr. Avisha Malalarathne, the Assistant secretary of the club delivered the minutes of the last club meeting.

Next the directors from each avenue talked about their ongoing projects and the ones they are planning to do. All the members were highly encouraged to contribute to the projects.

Next the members of the month, most enthusiastic members of the month and the directors of the month were introduced. They were highly appreciated for their contributions and everyone was encouraged to participate in the projects of our club and outside club-events as well.

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The meeting continued as the President, Rtr.Nipuna Rambukkanage informed the members about the new Rotaract policies. Assistant Secretary, Rtr.Avisha Malalarathne read the new Rotaract by-laws and a vote was taken to confirm the agreement between the members to implement the new policies from the next year onwards.

Then began the fun part of the meeting. Birthday celebrations of the September babies. It was a special celebration as our beloved President, also happens to be a September baby! The meeting was adjourned and everyone shared a piece of cake with much enthusiasm.

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~Rtr. Isuri Gunathilake, Co-editor

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