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Monthly General Meeting- August.

              The first  general meeting of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya, for the year 20/21 was successfully held via Google meet on the 26th of August 2020.The meeting was commenced by the President of the club, Rtr.Nipuna Rambukkanage and he addressed the gathering by welcoming the newbies and all the members of the club. As usual, the secretary of the club read out the last meeting’s report and it was seconded by others as proposed.

                  Later on, the most important Director announcements for different avenues of the club were presented by the avenue directors. At the same time, much prominence was given to the ongoing projects organized so far by the club.

               Furthermore, as there were many newbies present in the meeting, they were guided and provided necessary information on selecting the preferred avenues. The changes in the recently updated by-laws were presented by the President, Rtr.Nipuna Rambukkanage and the Secretary, Rtr.Sahan Silva. Consequently, followed by the announcements of special district projects, the president of the club terminated the meeting. The first meeting for the year ended with well wishes of both the present and past members of the club.

Written by- Co-editor,

Isuru Dissanayake.

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