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Aria – The Magical Seashell – Final Chapter

And now it’s time to listen how Aria was rescued from the Golden Collection.

What happened next, Aria?

Aria continued, ‘After a few days, a burst of light shone in front of me as the glass box was opened. I saw a young boy trying to take one golden seashell. He took me instead. I saw his eyes. He’s just like you, Tommy. He was very humble, and I realized he took me out for a considerate reason. As I guessed, he took me out to sell to recover his family from hunger. He had planned to sell me and even went to a sea shell shop. But he stopped at a point and looked at me and said, ‘We may suffer from hunger, but you deserve freedom first,’ and he returned me to the beach.’

Tommy was curious and asked, ‘Did you thank him?’

Aria smiled, ‘Yes, I showed him a secret place where he could find treasure. I wished him happiness and an end to his hunger because he cared about my freedom more than his own needs. Now, I don’t have any special powers, Tommy. I can only speak, but that’s enough for me. I can’t rejoin my seashell family either.’

Tommy held Aria in his hand, pondering her story. He realized that even though Aria had lost her special powers, she had gained something precious, a friend who cared deeply for her. Tommy decided that he would keep Aria safe and make sure she never felt trapped again.

As the years passed, Tommy and Aria’s bond grew stronger. They continued to explore the beach together, collecting seashells and making new memories. Aria may not have had her magical abilities anymore, but she had found something even more magical the warmth of a true friend.

And so, in that small beach town, the boy who could talk to seashells found a companion who could speak to his heart. Tommy and Aria’s friendship remained unbreakable, a reminder that sometimes the most extraordinary adventures come from the simplest moments of connection.

Friendship isn’t just a word; it’s a bond that decides our destiny. Being humble is more important in this world, not only for human beings but even for non-living things that make us happier every day. Spend time with nature more than anything else. It will heal you and make you feel like the next child of our Mother Nature.

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