Sneak peak into the BOD 2021-22

Kisal Ekanayake


This charismatic gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, majoring in Financial Engineering. Literally exhibiting the very definition of being a true leader, he is the perfect package from engaging in the groundwork to leading his fellow members in his most superior way. 😌Continuing the saga, this guy has mastered the art of convincing anybody to do anything for him using his amazing set of skills (🧈 ahem! )

A pro at storytelling, his action-packed tales would unmistakably make you feel like you’ve watched the latest Marvel movie even before its premiere. 🦹🏻‍♂️ Even the most inconsequential meetup would be boring without him being there to deliver his නැගලා යන speeches, which he promises to keep very short (“but the thing is guys”……🌚)

A role model in balancing everything, this young gentleman is already an entrepreneur running his own business. Being a great chef, his top-notch culinary skills are behind so many visually appealing dishes, 🧑🏽‍🍳so everyone is just looking forward to the uni to re-open so we can try out his fantastic cuisines. 🥗

If you ever messed up while completing anything related to the club and report to him calling immediately, this super cool boss would swiftly reduce your anxiety with his “it’s okay it’s okay කලබල ‌වෙන්නෙපා no issue!” would make you feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your head right away.

Apart from these, his other expertise is sending voice messages. 🗣️ So, before dropping him a text even amidst the utmost urgency, make sure to check if you’ve got your earphones with you. 🎧 We are pretty confident, you’ll be able to easily publish an audiobook if you collect his distinct voice notes ranging from milliseconds to long minutes. After getting to know this, WhatsApp was prompt enough to introduce the fast playback option for voice notes. 🥲 (The rumour is, some have even celebrated the very moment they got to know this! The parties had gone off for hours 🤓)

Proving that ‘ලොවින් එකෙක් එක් දෙයකට වෙයි සමත’ isn’t applicable at all for phenomenal peeps like him, this multi-talented guy revealed the inborn star personality within him, with his melodious singing 👨🏻‍🎤at the ‘Rota Sonduru Sajje’ most recently. Though the unquenchable curiosity of the gang about his selection of that particular song almost reached Holmes uncle and Dr. Watson, 🕵🏻‍♂️ this venture undeniably made him the STAR of the club overnight. ⭐

So ladies and gentlemen, hereby declassifying the captain of the voyage, who’ll be guiding the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya 2021-22, none other than the president, Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake! We’re so sure that you’ll continue being recognized as the President of the Month throughout the year!

Nipuna Rambukkanage

Immediate Past President

This skilful gentleman, who is a proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology, sets the prime example when it comes to leadership.🤵🏻‍♂ His poise and the ability to take sharp decisions has paved the path for him as well as the whole club to strive towards excellence. 🪄 He is such a good listener and is always willing to listen to others’ opinions (and in case if these ideas have the potential to be executed as a project, the rest becomes history! 🏅) He is undoubtedly a night owl who prefers to take meetings past midnight! 🦉 Anybody who would sit for a meeting with him can easily experience the dawn of a new day since those meetings are supposed to get dragged till the sun starts to expand its soft light rays! 🌤️ (it is only then that this group of night owls can go to sleep peacefully)

This gentleman has a heart of gold, and he always inspires everyone around him to be successful in whatever they do. 💫 He seeks opportunities to grow in every moment, which must be the reason for him to be renowned as “a star wherever he goes”. 🌟 However, underneath his serious demeanour, there’s always a fun-loving person who loves to party and enjoy his life to the fullest 🕺🏻, somewhat of a father figure to his dogs. 🐶 Anyway, please be mindful whenever you’re walking alongside him. This guy almost always tends to trip and fall wherever he goes, may it be an uphill or a slope. However, when it comes to his journey, his clear vision has never failed him. This very quality has perpetuated him to become a great leader. ✨ His influential guidance was one of the key factors for the club to skyrocket and strive towards being a recognized and award-winning organization. 🏆

It is with great honour that we present you the Immediate Past President of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, Rtn. Rtr. IPP Nipuna Rambukkanage! We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards your untiring dedication to the club while wishing you to reach higher and higher destinations which you indeed deserve!

Manula Pethiyagoda

Vice President

This gentleman is a talented undergraduate of the Faculty of Science. He is the very definition of a crazy fan when it comes to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Even a person who gets to know him today itself will be able to clearly understand that. More than that, he is the proud founder member of the WhatsApp group created for his fellow crazy fans studying at UoK of this TV series, which is named as “Where UoK watch friends”. 😌 According to his batch mates, he has even attended his lectures by the name;Chandler Bing proving beyond doubt that he is the King of the Friends fandom. 😄

This guy has the habit of drinking tea from a mug ☕ during meetings, for which he keeps a flask beside him. His extraordinary expertise is creating a meme for whatever the situation he comes across, which he himself address as ‘මීමින්නා’. 😂 Never ever be surprised if a meme or a sticker containing what you did unnoticeably has been shared in a group, as he stays alert on such things for sure. 🧐

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Vice-president for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda. Hope to have a great year ahead with you.

Dinithi Randeniarachchi

Vice President

This young lady is an undergraduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. She can always be recognized from her uproarious laugh. 🤣 According to her close associates, sometimes this laugh doesn’t need any particular reason, and it’s highly contagious! 😌You’ll be able to easily identify her in a group photo as she is the one who’ll be wearing the biggest smile. 😄

Being a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes, she loves to watch crime related TV series.🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️ This kind lady possess a heart of gold and is always willing to help anyone in need. 😇 🪄

If you are engaged in a project with her, you’ll totally agree with the fact that she has given redefined to the true purpose of dry runs, 🖥️ which will be tested time and time again until she’s completely satisfied. 🙃

Last but definitely not least, never ever ask for directions from her! If you intended to go to Bambalapitiya 🌎, her directions would make sure you’re at least landed on Jupiter, Saturn or some unidentified planet! 🪐🛸

Here, we proudly introduce the Vice President for the year 2021-22, Rtr.Dinithi Randeniarachchi. We are glad to have an amazing soul like you in the club.

Tharindu Warnasooriya

Vice President

Being a studious undergraduate from the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, 📚 this guy is famous by his nickname, ‘මොණරා’ as he hails from Monaragala. (Let’s just assume that his peacock-like attitude has nothing to do with this 🦚) Also he is identified as an enthusiastic learner who loves to learn anything which he is not good at.

This handsome gentleman is currently eagerly waiting for his princess on a white horseback to arrive! 🌝👸🏻 According to our sources, this guy leads the scoreboard when it comes to boasting.😌 It’s better to keep in mind that he is a kind of a person who disconnects calls 📞 he himself has taken, saying that he’s busy and will call back later but never does so. Anyway, his close associates are well aware that he is an easy-going and friendly soul. 😇

We are really pleased to have Rtr.Tharindu Warnasooriya as the Vice-President for the year 2021-22 in our director board.

Avisha Malalaratne


This gorgeous lady is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management. Being the cool momma of the gang, she exudes her own aura which she carries along wherever she goes. 🪄Her love for the dress shop ‘Mimosa’ 🌸 is quite famous among her friends. She is a perfectionist and capable of completing her due tasks most flawlessly.👩🏻‍💼

The first meetup with her would make you perceive how introverted she is, which only would last just a couple of more days until you get to know her completely. 😌 A fan girl of Shawn Mendes! Btw, this girl is the very definition of ‘roaster’ who gets pranked quite easily.🌝

She changes dps faster than Usain Bolt could run the 100m (pretty sure it’s changed since you started reading this) and depending on her mood, her dp could be anything from a pretty picture to a weird little meme template.

If you ever wonder what is at the top of her favourite list, there shouldn’t be any doubts cuz as all her friends say, ‘where there’s cheese pizza, there is Avi!’ 🍕

Hereby disclosing the Secretary for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Avisha Malalaratne. May your perfection prevail throughout the year!!

Verosha Abeygoonewardena

Assistant Secretary

She is an outstanding undergraduate of the Faculty of Science, currently reading for her B.Sc. in Physical Science.👩🏻‍🏭 This studious young lady loves aviation, and as per our sources, the day she’ll be flying beyond the clouds is not so far! 👩🏻‍✈️🛩️ Known to be a friendly individual among her friends, she is super famous for her eloquence as well as her mellifluous voice. 🎶

Being an all-rounder, she creates magic with her pen ✍️ and stuns the pavilion when holding the 🏀. She is so easy to be reached through WhatsApp, provided that when a text is sent, it’ll be viewed in less than a minute and the reply voice message will be coming on its way.😌

It is with immense pride that we introduce the Assistant Secretary for the year 2021-22, Rtr.Verosha Abeygoonewardena. We’re sure that the club will reach greater heights with her commitments and diligence.

Kumuthu Wijerathne

Assistant Secretary

This tender-hearted young lady is a proud product of the Faculty of Science, reading for B.Sc. in Biological Science. 👩🏻‍🔬 She is a person who loves reading books and watching TV series as well. 📖 This girl is well known among all for her talents in graphic designing and painting. 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🎨 Apart from that, a valuable resource person cum TikTok mentor of the club! She has the ability to manage a team in a friendly manner as well. 🪄

Introducing you the Assistant Secretary for the year 2021-22 , Rtr.Kumuthu Wijerathne .We are so sure that we will have a great year ahead along with her superb talents.

Malith Kavinda


This gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology, currently specializing in Computer Studies. Hailing from දකුණුලකේ අගනගරේ, 🗼 there will be plenty of opportunities for you to witness his (so-called) proud moments (obviously followed by lengthy boasts) of being a proud citizen of down south. 🌝

Being an avid cricket fan 🏏, even if the ලෝක විනාසේ is destined to happen tomorrow, this guy would religiously fulfil his duty to watch the match until the end (and obviously comment on it). Considering his commentaries, even we feel that he’ll be the best option to be selected as a selection committee member of SL cricket!😌 On a side note, to read some of his intellectual WhatsApp status stories, the viewers might require the assistance of a philosopher. 🧑🏽‍🏫

While being somewhat famous among his friends for his quick temper, he would not at any cost tolerate the high-headed behaviour of anyone. We believe we have brought out the best in him however through the 3+ years us Rotaractors have tested him patience. 🧘🏽‍♂️

However, underneath this tough demeanour, there is a super cool guy who would genuinely give his maximum not just for the club, but also for any task he’s responsible for. A tech geek 👨🏽‍💻 and a pro when it comes to balancing finances, 💸 he would be the first one to ask you to start preparations to submit the finance report 📑 even when the project is yet to start!

Hereby, we introduce the Treasurer for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Malith Kavinda. We’re pleased to have you onboard!!

Mahesh Jayawickrama


This young gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. For him, the prestigious abbreviation SAA stands for Sergeant-At- Arms. But what this poor being doesn’t know is that, for all other members out there it stands for nothing but, ‘Screenshot Araganna Aiya’! 🥲

While his utmost duty is to look after the discipline of the club (I know now you’re wondering who’ll be checking his then?🙃), the famous quote he utters these days is ‘send me the screenshots/ මතක ඇතුව ස්ක්‍රීන්ෂොට් එවන්න’ as he needs to keep the records of the participation of hundreds of members at other club events.

He is well known for for his exceptional skills in chess♟️♟️. He loves online gaming 👾 and is an amazing graphic designer too🧑🏻‍💻. He is such a supportive, kindhearted character who would give a hand to anyone in need under any circumstances without saying NO 😇. A friendly character with a cheerful and a fun-loving attitude🤩.

Hailing from the hills, this guy a.k.a කන්දේ කුමාරයා regularly faces signal issues and the thought that occupies most of his time is, අද මොන ගහටද නගින්නේ?🌳 🤔 when a virtual meeting is due. You’ll realize that he is a real whatsapp sticker material worthy person if you ever get a chance to see the countless number of stickers made with all his amazing poses during virtual events🤣. Yet his profile dp’s suggest that he is very much photogenic since he knows how to pose to get stunning, stylish and impressive photographs 😎📷.

He is a super talented, joyous individual and one of those dependable friends on whom you can always count on ☺️!

Introducing the Seargent-At-Arms for the year 2021-22 Rtr. Mahesh Jayawickrama. Looking forward to your persevering commitment throughout the year!

Yashodya Bandaranayake

Senior Editor

This talented lady is from the Faculty of Humanities majoring in Translation Studies. She always tries to be perfect in whatever she does. You’ll find out about her care for stray dogs and cats if you just once view her status stories on Whatsapp.This girl loves animals and frequently talks with any dog or cat she encounters. 🐶🐱

Her favorites lie in quite a range. She loves to watch Korean dramas, and Bollywood movies (especially late 90s and 2000s) are also fine with her as long as they don’t end on a sad note. Being a die-hard fan of detective stories, she would directly go into a binge reading session if she gets to hold any book from Sherlock Holmes🕵🏻‍♂️ to Agatha Christie’s novels 🕵🏻‍♀️. Despite her age, she would love to be secluded in her own world while wandering adrift along with the characters in any series by Ms. Enid Blyton. 🪄

She is a hardcore vegetarian☘️and an avid lover of chocolate 🍫 who likes to try out new recipes. Don’t be misled by her lower tone, she can be a firecracker! 🧨 Quite short-tempered at times, but don’t hold onto that!

This girl has a special place in her heart for the dark academia aesthetic and vintage collections. A mug of hot coffee and a classical novel or a detective story would bring her perfect satisfaction. ☕ 📖

It is with greatest pleasure that we announce the Senior Editor for the year 2021-22 , Rtr. Yashodya Bandaranayake. We are so sure that the Editorial Team will be ameliorated through her tireless dedication.

Samadhi Wijethunga


This brilliant young lady is a proud product of the Faculty of Humanities, currently majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language. 👩🏻‍🏫 If you’re to conduct a census and record the busiest peeps in the uni, her name might appear on the top of the list. From being a highly engaged member of various clubs and societies of the uni to excelling in academics, this super girl exhibits her innate ability to balance almost everything perfectly. 🧘🏻‍♀️

She is a passionate traveller waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted so she can let the traveller inside herself free to roam and fly across the boundaries. 🏝️🛤️ She loves baking and sharing the amazing baked goods directly from her oven with everyone. 🥮

Being a specialist when it comes to food, she loves to try out different cuisines. 🍝🍕An evening at a cafe to reminisce good old stories or review the last book she read 📖 with her closest friends after wandering until you all feel tired, would be the perfect cup of coffee for her to end the chapter of a long day. However, don’t try to play over smart with this lady!😎 No need for lengthy reasons, you simply can’t outwit her. 😌

Here’s introducing the Co-editor for the term 2021-22, Rtr. Samadhi Wijethunga. We’re sure the Editorial Team will reach greater heights with your contribution!

Amanda Wimalasiri

Co-Director - Club Service

This charming lady is from the faculty of Commerce and Management Studies reading for the Bachelors of Commerce. She is a busy bee 😎 with a jam packed schedule. Yet, she handles them all with a proper work-life synergy⚖️. This incredible talent of managing every single thing in a systematic way 👩🏻‍💼may have emerged as a result of her craze for reading books during her leisure time📖. She has an avid interest in watching movies as well. She is an expert in falling asleep pretty quickly without doing anything productive for the whole day 😴🥱.

She is well known to be the one with frequent connection issues when it comes to online meet ups 💻. However, she’s such a supportive character and an amazing team player who plays a key role in scintillating our club💓. She is a real asset and we’re super proud to have such a committed individual working along with us this year.

Presenting the Co-director of Club Service avenue for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Amanda Wimalasiri. May you continue your hard work and reach out for the best together with Rotaract !

Theja Bandara

Co-Director - Club Service

This young gentleman is from the faculty of Commerce and Management Studies specializing in Marketing Management. He’s passionate about music 🎼🎧 and is super talented in playing the sitar 🪕. Infact, he’s a visharad in playing it 🤩 for he amazes the audience with his soulful rhythms.

He is a very dedicated and passionate individual towards all that he does, ensuring that any challenge that comes his way is successfully faced 💯👌🏻. He is an ambitious person with a very quiet 😶 and thoughtful personality. Speaking of which, he excels in his academics too and hence a perfect all-rounder in education📚, music 🎻as well as Rotaract 💫. He is a very responsible guy and he takes things on a serious note and ensures that the task assigned is completed flawlessly. He is a studious 👨‍🎓, ultra talented individual and we are super excited to have him onboard with us🤩.

Introducing the Co-director of Club Service avenue for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Theja Bandara. We are looking forward to your commitment and tireless dedication throughout the year!

Heshani Dharmathilaka

Co-Director - Com. Service (WA)

This gorgeous lady is from the Faculty of Science specializing in Environmental Conservation and Management. She has a good sense of rhythm and could dance so gracefully with her elegant, flexible moves 💃🏼. Recently, she has done a dance cover to the song “Sobani” 👯🏼. She is absolutely a star as she is talented in playing scrabble as well🎖️. Watching movies 🍿📺 and reading books 📖 are two of her leisure time activities. She loves animals 🐕🐈and cares for them always.

She pretends to be a serious personality in every situation but ends up being the funniest among her colleagues 🤣. This girl is certainly not a techy 🙆🏼‍♀️ and almost always encounters difficulties in changing the virtual background of zoom and Google meet 💻. However, if you know her personally, then you’re lucky😍. Because, she is the kind of person you can totally confide in as she is very good in keeping secrets. She always keeps her chill with a good state of temper🧚🏼‍♀️. She is undoubtedly one of the sweetest and easy going characters you’ll ever see in your life 😇.

Sakura Kalhari

Co-Director - Com. Service

This go-lucky girl is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, specializing in Business Technology. Lovingly called by her nickname ‘Shenu’, her ability to balance between academics while holding various positions in several clubs and societies of the uni is frequently appreciated by her friends. 💃

You know what? This is just the beginning of the list of abilities mastered by her. When it comes to household chores, she is a pro at cooking 👩🏻‍🍳 and sewing 🧵. Unlike the general population, whose face would go into a sour mode when they realize it’s time to wash all the dishes after accomplishing the ‘mission kitchen’, this exemplary lady never forgets to showcase her wide beaming smile even then. 😆

You can coax her to do almost anything if you offer her ice cream!🍦 Following her father’s advice, she usually sits in the front row of wherever she goes (especially in lecture halls), only to end up dozing off. 😴 💤

Here’s introducing the co-director of the Community Service Avenue, Rtr. Sakura Kalhari. We’re glad to have you on board!

Thariduni Ranasinghe

Co-Director - Com. Service

This innocent 👩🏻‍💼and enthusiastic lady is a product of the Faculty of Humanities, currently reading for her Bachelor of Arts. Everyone loves her humbleness and hard work. Her kind and innocent attitude has gained her the respect of her fellow mates. Her keenness to engage in social services is another valuable quality she possess. 😇🪄

She has an inseparable connection with music🎼🎹, watching movies 🎬 is her other passion. At the same time, she is blessed with crafty fingers as she has an excellent ability with making handmade crafts🎀✂️.

Welcome Rtr. Thariduni Nayanathara Ranasinghe, the Co- director Community Service avenue for the year 2021- 22 . Accept our heartiest wishes for an amazing year.

Harsha Wijesekara

Co-Director - Professional Development

This enthusiastic lady is a proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology👩🏻‍💻. She is famous as a hardworking and multi-talented personality👩🏻 within the university. A social girl. According to her friends, her face is present in every club or association. It seems hard to find any club where she is absent. For her friends it is not strange, her common words “අනේ වෙලාවක් නෑ පාඩම් කරන්න” when exams are near…Literally, a hiking lover🧗🏻 but ultimately her friends have to drag her.

Presenting you the Co-Director Professional Development avenue, Rtr. Harsha Wijesekara. We’re sure the club will thrive with your untiring dedication.

Osura Vindula

Co-Director - International Service

He is an outstanding gentleman, a proud product of the Faculty of Science. This silver-tongued individual has got an exceptional talent in compering events in and out of the club 😎 The first one to be sought when it comes to moderating fun club events, he has now been granted the ‘STAR’ status ⭐considering not only his exceptional skills, but also the immense popularity he has gained. He is persuasive when it comes to speaking and has been an active member of the debating team even during his school days. Apart from that, he is interested in pursuing law and wants to turn out to be a passionate lawyer someday 👨🏻‍⚖️.

His skills in art should not be forgotten too. Not only is he an artist 👨🏼‍🎨, but also a sporty character who is well known as an enthusiastic chess ♟️and cricket player🏏. He claims himself to be a simple guy and so he is in reality. This young man has got a great skill of acting with his realistic expressions 🎭. He is a hard man to get ahold of online since it takes hours to get a reply from him 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️. He is a friendly character with an adorable personality and an infectious smile on his face all the time 🤩. All in all, he’s a commited individual who gives all that he has towards anything that he is into. As a Rotaractor, he exhibits tireless dedication and strong determination in all that he does.

We proudly present the Co-director of International Service avenue for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Osura Vindula. May you continue to be the amazing individual you’ve always been!

Ruchika Kishore

Co-Director - International Service

This young lady is a talented undergraduate of the Faculty of Social Science, currently majoring in International Studies. Apart from that, she is a hardworking law student as well who is enthusiastically committed to putting in the work it takes to succeed in the field of law 📚👩🏻‍⚖️.

She is not only a passionate writer✍️ but also a graceful dancer 💃🏼 who has the power to control the music with her elegant and rhythmic moves. She is a Sri Lankan who has Indian kinsfolk 🇱🇰🇮🇳. And watching all the Netflix movies is something she enjoys during her spare time 🍿💻. She is a stylish lady with a bold sense of fashion 😎 and loves wearing trendy outfit. We are immensely delighted to have such a phenomenal individual with us this year.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Co-Director of International Services for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Ruchika Kishore. We are looking forward to an amazing year ahead with you.

Chamodi Wickramasuriya

Co-Director - Sports & Entertainment

This enthusiastic lady is a proud product of the Faculty of Social Science, currently majoring in International Studies. She is not just a pretty face, but also a multitalented personality 👩🏻‍💼. Holding a number of posts in various clubs and societies within the uni while balancing her academics is her expertise. She is also a talented basketball player,⛹️‍♀️ further proving her versatile talents. Loves enjoying music and is a die-hard fan when it comes to Korean dramas. 💃This girl posses an easy-going personality and a kind heart!

Warmly welcome Rtr. Chamodi Wickramasuriya, the Co- director of Sports and Enteratinment avenue! We’re pleased to have such an enthusiastic member like you onboard!

Gayan Muthukumara

Co-Director - Sports & Entertainment

This tech-obsessed gentleman is another proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology, reading for his B.Sc. in Computer Science.👨🏻‍💻He is famous among his batchmates as with his nickname ‘ගයියා’. This simple, go-lucky guy never misses the opportunity to join whatever club he comes across. As a result, those in his contacts can easily get updated on what’s going on in almost every club and society of the uni, since this committed member will be sharing all the posts of all the clubs through his WhatsApp stories.📽️ He describes himself as ‘I’m only interested in carrom’. Though he is obviously a gifted carrom player, his interests are never ever limited to a single aspect.

Being a fountain of jokes, anybody can be moved to a peal of good laughter just by talking with him 😆. Sometimes all you need is to merely look at him even before he utters a single syllable and undoubtedly, within the next few seconds, you’ll both burst out into uncontrollable laughter. 🤣

According to our sources, girls would never hesitate to listen to his stories. 😌 Apart from these innate abilities, he has expertised in creating stickers for his fellow board members, which he habitually shares. 🙃

Here’s introducing the Co-director of the Sports and Entertainment Avenue, Rtr. Gayan Muthukumara. We’re looking forward to witness your amazing initiatives this year!

Hasindu Shanuka

Co-Director - IT

This skilled gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology, specializing in Computer Science. 👨🏻‍💻 He is famous among his friends by the nick name; ‘Dandaiya’. Contrary to how tall this guy is, he has an extremely soft voice.🔇 He is the kind of person who loves watching movies day in and day out. 🎥 Apart from being an owner of sound knowledge about technology, he is identified as an optimistic soul. He also behaves with each and everyone in a friendly manner. 😇

We are extremely pleased to introduce Rtr. Hasindu Shanuka, the Co-director of the Information Technology team for the year 2021-22. We are eager to witness your amazing skills!

Kasun Akalanka

Co-Director - IT

This tech-obsessed gentleman is also from the Faculty of Computer technology, majoring in Computer Science💻. When one hears the word cricket, Kasun is the person that comes to everyone’s mind. 🥎🏏 A legend who is better known for his excellence in cricket than Mr. Arjuna Ranathunga, but according to his companions, he can’t even hold a bat properly.

A humble soul, who’s a huge fan of old fashioned music 🎧🎼, but he blows a fuse if he mistakenly hears a “boot” song. An avid fan of Sherlock Holmes and reading overall, he will go hunting for books whenever he gets to know that there’s a book fair. His clothes are easily found in every nook and cranny of his boarding room. An extremely kind hearted person who always tries to help everyone as best as possible. If he could, he would even sit for for some of the juniors’ exams for them. Always online and approachable, you would definitely get a reply back from him within about 10 mins of dropping him a message.

Introducing the Co-director of the Information Technology team, Rtr. Kasun Akalanka. Wishing you an abundance of courage!

Dilsha Ranaweera

Co-Director - Public Relations

This pretty👩🏻‍💼 lady is from the Faculty of Humanities, specializing in English. She is a next-level creative person with her skill of imagining. Has a lot of potential as an undergraduate with a vast set of skills. In addition to this, she is an active linguist researcher attempting to produce new words by combining them with English, French, and Sinhala📚📖. She is a talented photographer who has her own weird kind of photogenic style. Loves to live in her creative world peacefully. She’s as lightweight as a feather. Painting is one of her passions🎨

We are proud to present the Co – director of the Public Relations team, Rtr. Dilsha Ranaweera for the term 2021-22.

Nirmani Jayawardena

Co-Director - Public Relations

This gorgeous lady is a talented individual from the Faculty of Humanities, majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is a Bollywood fanatic🎬🍿 and a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Tears would be continuously welling in her eyes just at the drop of (beloved Shah Rukh aiya’s) hat. Just to mention how popular she’s among her friends due to this, if her name is mentioned anywhere, SRK’s name would involuntarily pop-up along.

This girl is a great foodie who tries different types of food and goes out of the way to make food a priority🍔. Swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️ is her favourite among all the sports that she knows. She’s a well-known sleepy head 🥱 among her close circle of friends and has got an extraordinary talent of falling into slumber pretty quickly 😴😴. She is pretty much unsure whether PR has cut off her precious morning sleep or if it has taught her to be an early bird these days 😂. She wakes up by 9.30 am nowadays which she considers a significant improvement in her sleep routine 😅. She is good at annoying the people who are in her comfort zone and has an extremely wacky laugh and yes what you think is right- she is a very loud 🔊 and talkative person.

According to the chronicle of ‘අපේ කාලයේ PR legends of RACUOK’, she is one of the pioneers of introducing tik-tok to the club😌, and has now committed herself completely towards the tik-tok life!!! (You’ll should go check out her channel 😁)

This young lady is scared of animals 🐈 🐑 because she says that it feels ticklish when it comes to handling them🤦🏼‍♀️😅. She is an ambivert and well known by her colleagues for her obsessive overthinking 🤔. Apart from her fun loaded character, she is a very talented individual 🤵🏼‍♀ who has showcased her excellent skills in moderating the events organized by our club. She is one of the most kind and polite souls you will ever come across with a simple and down to earth personality 😇. She is selfless and undoubtedly the most organized person you’ll ever know 🤩.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the co-director of Public Relations team for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Nirmani Jayawardena. We are extremely delighted to have such a fun-loving individual with us this year!

Nipuna Ratnayake

Co-Director - Member Relations

He is a proud product of the Faculty of Science, currently reading for a B.Sc. in Physical Science. He was one of the frontline members who had given his utmost contribution towards the elevation of the award-winning project ‘Track the Spread’. 🏆

This tech geek 👨🏻‍💻 is the namesake of our beloved Immediate Past President. Anyway, in order to avoid the miscommunication where the junior and senior Nipuna used to face it quite often back then, our IPP named him with the ‘පොඩි නිපුණ’ card, which made him quite popular among the fellow members of the club.

When asked about whether he has any interests (particularly hobbies), this witty guy slipped from the question with a mischievous ‘prefer not to say!’ at a speed where even an eel couldn’t win after competing against him. 😂 (I’m sure no more lengthy phrases are needed to describe his extraordinarily mastered ලිස්සා යාමේ කලාව) Though he did not disclose it, he is a great photographer who is able to capture phenomenal shots with his lenses, especially sunsets. 📸

Having such a sharp memory 😉, he would call the project coordinator to provide an excuse as to why he missed participating in a project the previous day whereas said project was actually due to happen on the day after leading to a lot of confusion all around.

Here’s introducing the Co-director of the Member Relations Team, Rtr. Nipuna Ratnayake. It is a pleasure to have such a witty guy like you on board!

Gimhan Rupasinghe

Co-Director - Member Relations

This charismatic gentleman is one of the best examples of a multitalented personality, currently majoring in Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences. A skillful athlete in track events. Not only that,🏃🏻‍♂️ but also a talented basketball player⛹🏻‍♂️. An all-rounder who possesses talents for dancing, acting🎬, and debating.

His command of language may leave you with a doubt, that he should have majored in marketing instead of calculating the rate of inflation at the Dept. of Econ! 😌 When it comes to promoting an event, we’re pretty sure even a top rated advertising agency can’t beat this mastermind! 😎 Apart from that, he’s a pro when it comes to experimenting with a number of new styles! 🕺🏻 A genuine and kind-hearted soul, who’d do anything for the success of his friends. 😇

With utmost pleasure, we present you Rtr. Gimhan Rupasinghe, the Co-director of Member Relation team for the term 2021-22. We’re so sure your tireless dedication would enlighten the club.

Kaveendra Jayalath

Co-Director - Digital Media

This skillful lady is a talented undergraduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies specializing in Financial Engineering. She is an extremely dedicated personality with a passion towards cycling 🚴‍♀ and swimming 🏊🏻‍♀. She is a real filmaholic and especially enjoys watching sci-fi and action packed movies🍿📺. This creative individual is the go-to person for all the videos you need as she is a great video editor 💻with an excellent sense of pace and timing 👌🏻💯. Her clear and concise communication skills has made her an extraordinary graphic designer who would turn anything you give into an eye catching flyer. She has a reserved type of personality and is a creative individual who does her level best for the betterment of Rotaract💫.

Presenting the Co-director of the Digital Media team for the year 2021-22, Rtr. Kaveendra Jayalath! We are delighted to have you onboard with us this year!

Ranula Bhagya

Co-Director - Digital Media

This skilled gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Computing and Technology majoring in Computer Science. He is well known among all for his talents in graphic designing. 👨🏻‍💻 This guy developed his talents for designing almost overnight, and seeing how quick and good he is at that, seems like it’s one of his innate abilities. 🤩 Apart from that, this tech obsessed guy is a die-hard fan of PC Gaming 🎮 and he can sacrifice anything on behalf of that. He’s a super supportive team member when it comes to teamwork and is always willing to help when anyone is in need of help. 😇

Hereby introducing the Co-director of Digital Media Team for the year 2021-22, Rtr.Ranula Bhagya. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing skills throughout the year.

Achini Poornika

Co-Director - Club Relations

She is another proud product of the Faculty of Humanities reading for her Bachelors of Arts. Her expertise primarily lies in languages and translations. Not only that, she is an active member of many clubs of the uni and holds several positions there as well.🤵🏻‍♀ If you can’t find her inside a lecture hall or even at a club meeting, directly change your path to the netball court to locate this gifted netball player. 🏀 Being a pro at Japanese, she will set aside everything and willingly come if you ask her to join you to watch a Japanese movie. 🎞️ Her keenness doesn’t end here. Even though she can’t sing, she loves listening to songs. In case you hear this girl humming when she’s in her most jovial state, but you can’t figure out what on the Earth she’s saying, don’t worry, it’s none other than a favourite song from her Japanese collection. 💮 🎶

Hereby introducing the Co-director of the Club Relations Team, Rtr. Achini Poornika. It’s a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic teammate like you on board.

Jayani Navoda

Co-Director - Club Relations

This outstanding lady is reading for her Bachelors of Arts at the Faculty of Humanities. A friendly soul especially due to her favorite TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She is a funny character who is always into watching rom-coms. A bon vivant of pizza🍕🍟 and spicy food. According to some of her friends, she loves perfumes, which contain fruity smells. Apart from being a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it should be emphasized that she is also a K-drama fan. Possessing an artistic eye with photography is another extraordinary talent she has. If she visits the Kelani Temple, her friends don’t need to bring gātha poth 📚and polythene sheets to sit, because she carries them as sufficient .

With utmost delight, presenting the Co – director the Club Realtions team, Rtr. Jayani Navoda. We are looking forward to an excellent journey with your outstanding leadership!

Sineth Neththasinghe

Director - Finance

This proficient gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, majoring in Insurance. He has an innate ability to be friendly and talk without any condition with anyone.😇 He is a cricket lover and a talented chess player ♟️ who enjoys a good book from time to time as well. 📖 He also has a bit of an annoying habit of giving his friends tips on how to behave in a professional manner 🤵🏻‍♂ while boasting about his time period in an audit firm. 📑🗃️ He is able to give ‘loku loku talks’ but always turns to good-old-google whenever in need! 😌

Introducing you all to our Finance Director for the year 2021-22, Rtr.Sineth Neththasinghe. We’re hopefully waiting to carry on a great year ahead with you.