Sneak peak into the BOD 2022-23

Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda


Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda is a proud product of the Faculty of Science, currently reading for a B.Sc. in Physical Science. Literally exemplifying true leadership 💪 in all the chores he undertakes; from groundwork 👷 to uplifting our club name to greater heights 📈 while assisting his fellow members in the friendliest way, this endearing young gentleman 🤵‍♂ is the perfect example for the definition of a caring 🫂 president.

He may seem strict 🧐 from the outer perspective but is completely the opposite in reality and having a little chit-chat with this individual will prove it to you 🫵🏻. Being a funny character will make you think ‘how is he even doing that?’ 🤔 but just as being funny and very calm in nature, he is also well focused 🥸 in everything he does at all times.

When it comes to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this guy is a diehard fan 😱, and even a person who gets to know him today will definitely be able to tell that right away ✌️. According to his batchmates, he has even attended lectures by the name; Chandler Bing proving without a shadow of a doubt that he is the King 🫅 of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fandom. So, come to him to know anything about F.R.I.E.N.D.S! 🤩

He’s got a mystery girl 👩🏻‍🦱💘 in his heart (the girl’s got no idea that he likes her though 🤫) and he might try to give a hint 🤭 about the girl during this joyful year. Let’s be attentive to his motivational speeches!

A person who does not eat meat or fish is normally called a vegetarian 🥕🍆, but according to him the dictionary is wrong (he’s a vegetarian but eats fish 🐟 and some eggs 🥚 as well) and he has had many instances where he’s had nothing 😔 to eat at gatherings.

As it is said, among the avenues of RACUOK, Mr. President Community Service Avenue එකට තමයි ගොඩක් ආදරේ… 😍🥰 and other avenues are පොඩ්ඩක් jealous 🤨 about that fact.

Nowadays, whenever we get power cuts during meetings 🤝, the next second we are to expect a message from him in the group, "current na guys, kadi kadi ahenne…" and then the next second he comes with a flashlight on 🔦 being the saviour of the meeting 🙏. Even powercuts doesn't have the power from stopping this dedicated personality attending a meeting! 🥳

Never ever be shocked 😮🫣 if a meme or a sticker containing what you did inadvertently 🤭 has been shared in a group; he is always on the lookout 🧐 for such things, but also note that comparatively, the number of stickers made for him is higher (a good poser 🕺).

So ladies and gentleman, here we are proudly declassifying Mr. President; the captain 🫅🏻 of this amazing voyage of leading the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for the year 2022-23, Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda! 🥳👏

Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake

Immediate Past President

This charismatic gentleman is a proud product of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, majoring in Financial Engineering. Literally exhibiting the very definition of being a true leader, he is the perfect package from engaging in the groundwork to leading his fellow members in his most superior way. 😌Continuing the saga, this guy has mastered the art of convincing anybody to do anything for him using his amazing set of skills (🧈 ahem! )

A pro at storytelling, his action-packed tales would unmistakably make you feel like you’ve watched the latest Marvel movie even before its premiere. 🦹🏻‍♂️ Even the most inconsequential meetup would be boring without him being there to deliver his නැගලා යන speeches, which he promises to keep very short (“but the thing is guys”……🌚)

A role model in balancing everything, this young gentleman is already an entrepreneur running his own business. Being a great chef, his top-notch culinary skills are behind so many visually appealing dishes, 🧑🏽‍🍳so everyone is just looking forward to the uni to re-open so we can try out his fantastic cuisines. 🥗

If you ever messed up while completing anything related to the club and report to him calling immediately, this super cool boss would swiftly reduce your anxiety with his “it’s okay it’s okay කලබල ‌වෙන්නෙපා no issue!” would make you feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your head right away.

Apart from these, his other expertise is sending voice messages. 🗣️ So, before dropping him a text even amidst the utmost urgency, make sure to check if you’ve got your earphones with you. 🎧 We are pretty confident, you’ll be able to easily publish an audiobook if you collect his distinct voice notes ranging from milliseconds to long minutes. After getting to know this, WhatsApp was prompt enough to introduce the fast playback option for voice notes. 🥲 (The rumour is, some have even celebrated the very moment they got to know this! The parties had gone off for hours 🤓)

Proving that ‘ලොවින් එකෙක් එක් දෙයකට වෙයි සමත’ isn’t applicable at all for phenomenal peeps like him, this multi-talented guy revealed the inborn star personality within him, with his melodious singing 👨🏻‍🎤at the ‘Rota Sonduru Sajje’ most recently. Though the unquenchable curiosity of the gang about his selection of that particular song almost reached Holmes uncle and Dr. Watson, 🕵🏻‍♂️ this venture undeniably made him the STAR of the club overnight. ⭐

Rtr. Dinura Liyanage

Vice President

Rtr. Dinura Liyanage is a proud product of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. This energetic individual is well known as a good singer and talented violinist 🎤🎻. Adding to that, music is his happy pill which also motivates him 🎶. He is an extrovert, dedicated ludo player, meditation lover and home-cooked soya meat has the power to make his day better 🌝. He is a Football enthusiast and a diehard fan of Lionel Messi ⚽. And also, as matter of fact he is an expert in preparing tea ☕. In brief he likes to do anything except studying, and even the stress of the day before exam cannot change him; pay a visit and he’d probably be watching a web series ❌📖. On a side note, for some reason, he believes he is going to be single till 2026 😉😂.

This vice president is a perfectionist to the point which at times is annoying they say 🤭. If there’s a voice message from Dinura, be ready everyone it's more than that; a podcast most probably 🫢.

With all his extracurricular work he is always busy and an expert in making fun nicknames 😎. Rtr. Dinura Liyanage is a totally dedicated personality who puts in his fullest effort when it comes to work. He is extremely helpful, caring, understanding and friendly 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼. The level of commitment and dedications towards accomplishing and going beyond accomplishing his responsibilities will indeed be a factor towards enhancing the journey of RACUOK. 🎖️✨

Rtr. Samadi Perera

Vice President

This VP, Rtr. Samadi Perera, nicknamed ‘Sam’, is a proud product of the Department of Statistics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Science. She has an elfin face with a charming personality 👩‍🦰. She craves to be in a relationship, but when guys do propose to her, she refuses all at once weirdly 🥶. And she once said that she is in a relationship with, none other than her ownself!! ❤️😂

When taking photos with her, you’ll always have to make sure that she stands on the right (apparently her right side is her most flattering side) 😌. She loves anime and she has a strong desire for piercing. She’s still looking for a place. Maybe you could suggest her a good one! 😃 Most importantly, she loves her little puppy, Leon very much, that she always has a special place for him in her heart 🐶. However, she doesn’t like yellow walls. She says yellow walls look like a hospital 🥹🏨.

Sam is especially open to face challenges- a determined soul full of self-confidence 🤙. We believe it is this positive attitude that made her for whom she is now. Rtr. Samadi Perera’s remarkable presence will make the RACUOK reach more heights 🏔️🎆.

Rtr. Shakya Wickramaarachchi

Vice President

Rtr. Shakya Wikramaarachchi is a proud product of the Department of Modern Languages of the Faculty of Humanities. This lovely human being is a kind-hearted person with a great sense of humour 🤭 and is always there if anyone needs help 🥹. According to her friends, she’s a humongous TikTok 🎶 fan and is well known among the board members as Thedini's better-half 🫶🏻. This beautiful soul is a caring friend to many and gives the best advice ❤️‍🔥. She knows exactly what to do to cheer her friends up and does the sweetest gestures to make them smile ☺️.

She sleeps pretty late and wakes up late too thus you can call her even at 2 am and she'll be there to hear you vent 😇. As for her hobbies, she loves MasterChef 👩🏻‍🍳 and dressing up her friends and also apparently has baby fever 👶🏻 (because of Madura's nephew). She is a quiet person who drops sudden "bombs" at unexpected times 💪🏻. Rtr. Shakya Wikramaarachchi being a caring and talented individual will be a pillar of strength that will uplift the standard of RACUOK ✨🤝.

Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardena


Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardana is a proud product of the Department of Physical Science of the Faculty of Science. Being recognized as an expert in multi-tasking, Madam secretary is a fun loving 🥳 as well as a funny individual 🤭 and she also presents herself as the most loyal and admirable friend one could ever ask for (which is indeed a fact to agree with) 🥰✨. Public speaking is another talent in her bucket of skills 🎙️. She is a good chorister 🎼 and also a great basketball player who is the captain of the university women basketball team 🏀🔥. Well yes, not only multi-tasking but also multi-talented is also her thing 🤹🏻‍♀️. She loves reading 📖 and feeds on tragic, depressing memories which means if a book or movie ends up breaking you into pieces, she’ll be in love with it forever ❤️‍🔥🫢.

When it comes to movies, she has this weird obsession with Snow White and the song “someday my prince will come” in the Snow-White movie ❄️🤴🏻. She is in love with the character of “Tobias Eaton – Four” in the Divergent movie series and she has a thing for tri-forces men, especially naval aviators 😎♥️. If you are a person who hates spoilers, Verosha is not the person you should be associating with 🚫 . She will find all the spoilers and torment you until you watch the movie and may be spoil some minor scenes too 😂. Verosha is afraid to ride the bicycle as she is scared that she’ll fall 🚴🏻‍♀️🚳. And also, she is in love with Tipitip and lime juice 🍿🥤.

Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardena is one of the humblest and cool person one could ever meet 🎀. She is a wizard in exploring the art of perfection 🪄. She is ever ready to hear you out and has the superpower of understanding you and the best to help you out 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼🎗️. The Best of best and RACUOK is definitely going to reach great heights with her support 🏆. Proudly presenting you the Secretary of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for the RI year 2022-23 Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardana! 👏🏻🎊🏅

Rtr. Akshana Wickramasinghe

Assistant Secretary

Rtr. Akshana Wikramasinghe is a proud product of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. She is quite the smooth talker 😊 who is able to win over the hearts of most of her colleagues and teachers as well. She also is a song lover and is known to be a talkative and open individual.

She has a loud but cute laugh 🤣 and she loves watching dramas which is kind of her hobby 🍿🎥.

Akshana always makes sure to give her very best to any project that she engages in and as per her friends, she's quite the gossiper 😂 and spends most of her free time at the ICT lab or the canteen. At school, she was the vice-president of the ICT society and she worked really hard and gave her very best 💪🏻🤓. This beautiful soul loves group work and even loves hanging out with her friends. She is a good listener and is the first to pay the bill whenever she goes out with her friends (Treat from Akshana!) She’s a kind yet hyper soul loved by all her friends and is known as Sanduni’s better half 🫶🏻 among the Board Members as you can always encounter the two best friends together wherever they go 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼.

Rtr. Akshana Wikramasinghe being a polite and energetic individual will indeed support the endeavour of uplifting the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya to the next level through her dedication and commitment ❤️‍🔥✨.

Rtr. Madura Gnanaselvam

Assistant Secretary

Rtr. Madura Gnanaselvam is a proud product of the Department of Finance. Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. This young lady is a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S and horror movie fan 🎥💀. She is known to be the most caring friend that makes absolutely delicious laddus 😋.

This beautiful soul has very high standards when it comes to finding a soul mate. She is also known as the tube light of the group with a very kind heart 💞. Madura spends a lot of time on her extra-curricular activities and is quite a talented announcer ❤️‍🔥🎤. She also has a huge crush on her little nephew, who is her brother's baby 🥹.

As a caring person she will always see to it that all her friends are taken care of before attending to herself ❤️. Madura is the most supportive and encouraging person one could ever meet 💗. She is a perfect match to hear you out and help you sort out any problem 💪🏻. Her dedication and commitment are never limited to the clock ✨. Rtr. Madura Gnanaselvam who is a dedicated and enthusiastic person will definitely be an immense support to guide the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya to success 🔥🫱🏻‍🫲🏻.

Rtr. Priyankara Madushan


Rtr. Priyankara Madhushan is a proud product of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Commerce and management. He’s famous for his beard among his colleagues. They consider his beard that of a pirate 👀! However, he’s not a pirate. He’s a humble and honest guy who is deeply in search of a true love ❤️‍🩹. He has the most dashing personality one could ever have 🧔. He loves travelling with his bike. He adores his bike although it is an antique one - this guy believes in the saying “old is gold” 🛵. He’s fat like “Soora Pappa” 😂but his name given by the university is completely different. It is none other than “Gota”, the nickname of the former president. With that name on him, his colleagues would often crack jokes on him saying of course futile things that the former president used to say.

When it comes to his real personality, he is a very good friend to everyone out there and willingly helps others 🥳. He is a very trustworthy and dutiful person and that is one of the key factors for him to be assigned as the treasurer of the entire club. Priyankara would definitely be the best fit for this incredible position. Rtr. Priyankara Madhushan will drive RACUOK to another marvellous and successful destination with his unique personality and capability 🏆🎗️.

Rtr. Yasith Dayarathne


Rtr. Yasith Dayarathne is a proud product of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, and is extremely fun 🤣 to hang around with and is very clever 😎 at kidding.

Parallel to looking after the discipline of the club (his utmost duty as the SAA 🫡), he is working as the වැඩ බලන තාත්තා 👨‍👦 for his nephew when he is at home (practising to be the best dad 💯 for his children).

This bossy gentleman 🤵‍♂️ can’t hide anything from his sister (he is afraid 😟 of his akka) and thinks he is tall (but he is actually short). There is a lake around his house 🏠 (now for sure you are wondering how lucky 👏 he is that he can go for a swim whenever he wants), but note that he can’t swim! 🏊❌

He is obsessed 🥰 with පොල්සම්බල් and හාල්මැස්සො බැදුම් and will be totally satisfied with these two in his plate 🍛.

Twice a week he is receiving this call 📲 for sure; a video call from Viraj (his best friend who lives in India 🇮🇳 now) just to talk for hours about their sad 😞 single life.

Introducing the Sergeant-At-Arms for the year 2022-23, Rtr. Yasith Dayarathne. We are glad to have you on board and may you continue to be the amazing individual you’ve always been! 🎉🥳

Rtr. Rahma Zuhri

Senior Editor

Rtr. Rahma Zuhri is a proud product of the Department of Human Resources Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. She can be introduced as the most perfect 👌, humble and supportive friend 🫂 you can have, who’s always with the “you 🫵🏻 can count on me” vibes. She is a really hard worker who would meet any task given to her without any delay ✅ and to the standards above expectations 😮. As an ambivert, she does like to talk with others and spend some fun time while also being poddak shy ☺️ to meet people and talk in the first place.

She has a twin 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻 and they both have got a watch ⌚ given to them by each other. They both are identical twins to the extent that sometimes even her friends cannot disguise 🤔 the two from a photo of them together.

Of course, no one will be surprised when most of the girls say that their favourite colour is pink 🟣, but find this extraordinary charismatic girl as an exceptional character who hates pink.

With sharp eyes 👀 for noticing even the slightest mistakes in any content and an exceptional aptitude for crafting ✍🏻 magnificent content, she is the ideal 🙌 personality to hold the editor position in our club.

Presenting the Senior Editor, Rtr. Rahma Zuhri on board, and we are looking forward to your commitment and tireless dedication throughout the year! 🤩 We’re sure the Editorial Team will reach greater heights with your guidance! ✌️🎉

Rtr. Dinithi Fernando


Rtr. Dinithi Fernando is a proud product of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. Starting off we can introduce her as a kind-hearted and a dignified personality, although she considers herself weird ❣️. She’s not very sociable that she thinks it takes a long time to feel comfortable around people. But she’s really capable of building friendly relationships with everyone and has a huge and warm heart. She absolutely loves animals, 🐰🐹 opening an animal sanctuary is her dream 🌚. She finds spending time with her dogs to be the most relaxing 🦮🐕‍🦺. She is a huge movie and TV series fan too. Being a massive James bond fan, she has wildly watched all 27 movies of the franchise🤯. She loves listening to music as well. She believes it helps calm her down when stressed 🎶. Dinithi further loves mixing cocktails both classics and novelties and hopes to be a professional barwoman some day 🥂.

It is interesting that she says she absolutely loves intelligence services 👩‍✈️. Thus she would read real life black operations carried out by intelligence services like MI6, MOSSAD and the CIA. According to her, books are her passion 📗. Dinithi, who is a unique soul and an avid reader would perfectly suit the club’s editorial and beyond. Rtr. Dinithi Fernando will certainly establish a historical page in the book of RACUOK with her creatively wild thoughts and phenomenal ideas 📌🎊.

Rtr. Nuzha Farook


Rtr. Nuzah Farook is a proud product of the Department of Linguistics of the Faculty of Humanities. Nuzha is one of the strongest people we've ever met because, having faced many tragedies in her life, she still remains headstrong and caring💪🏻❤️. She is quite easy to approach and make friends with🫂. Travelling and exploring new places is when this beautiful soul is the happiest🚀. Once she reaches the end of a jaunt she feels lost and needs some time to recover 😓, which goes to show her passion for travelling 😂. Nuzha also considers spending time with her mom and sister to be her hobbies 👨‍👩‍👧. This young lady is a foodie who loves to try out new recipes and cuisines 🍕. Whenever she's on one of her jaunts she will definitely make sure to stop at different restaurants just so that she can try their exotic dishes 🍜. She absolutely loves to read 📚 and also loves spending time with kids 💛. Rtr. Nuzha Farook being a creative writer as well as a dedicated hard working individual will help to enhance the journey of the Editorial Avenue further❤️✨.

Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon

Co-Director - Club Service

Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon is a proud product of the Department of Mass Communication of the Faculty of Social Science. She is famous as a ‘track head and tube light’ to the core 💡😂. Vishwanee also known as ‘Vish’, also inherits a high number of stickers of herself where each has a flashback story as well 😹🤫. She is also into multi-tasking but breaks down when she gets a frustrated of the workload 🥲💔. But as a matter of fact, this never stops her from accomplishing the job beyond expectations 🥳🎗️.

She has a very interesting story about ‘herself and the Cream soda’ 🍾 which you should definitely hear out 🤭. She also has the ability of overthinking and taking things too seriously 🤯🫢. In brief she is a beautiful combination of kindness and crack ♥️🤪. And she also possesses a super amazing voice for singing and is quite famous as a singer too 🎤🎵.

This innocent personality never fails to give her 100% at any task and is caring, friendly and dedicated 🥰💯. She is a really kindhearted and an emotional person 🥹❤️. She sinks in well with everyone which is kind of her superpower where she gives importance to every single person and never fails to spread her ‘Vishwanee vibe’ among the crowd 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼🎊. The Club Service Avenue will have a super exciting roller coaster ride with Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon onboard. 🔥🪄

Rtr. Minduli Perera

Co-Director - Club Service

Rtr. Minduli Perera is a proud product of the Department of Accountancy of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. She is a special personality who inherits the flair of creativity 💭🪄. She enjoys scripting poems and writing creative content as her hobbies 🖊️🎊. Though she is not much of a talkative person, Minduli is definitely one of the most amazing and sweet people you'll meet 🧸♥️. She is so kind at heart, and into proofreading that she even helps her friends with their messages by proofreading them 😌✅. Whoever have come across her would have recognized her as a shy person ☺️. BUT within that is hidden a number of hidden talents 🤯. Another fact about one of her fears is that she is really scared of dogs 🐶. She never gives up and never fails to accomplish any task given to her with perfection 🎯✨.

A unique characteristic of her is that though she doesn’t open up to everyone, she is a most friendly person one can meet 😍. She is a supportive and forever ready to help type of individual who puts her fullest effort to complete any job assigned 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼💐. ‘No’ or ‘can’t’ is never in the vocabulary of hers 🔛. With Rtr. Minduli Perera onboard, the Editorial avenue is going to script another excellent journey ahead. ✍🏻🎉

Rtr. Dewmini Abhisheka

Co-Director - Community Service

Rtr. Dewmini Abhisheka is a proud product of the Department of Physical Science of the Faculty of Science. The first thing that comes into mind when her name is invocated is, FASHIION! 😃Obviously she’s a fashionable girl who spends a lot of money buying clothes 🤑. She would often peep into her father’s pockets for that 🥲. Struggle to choose a right attire would be a remarkable struggle in her life 😶‍🌫️. If there’s any special event, you will find her planning about her dress code for weeks. So she actually overthinks bout her outfit. In fact, she is the first who often localizes latest fashion trends. Dewmini has a complicated love life and therefore no relationships yet 😶.

When it comes to her actual personality she can be described as a dedicated, calm and cool person who is very much talented and independent 😇. She would go to the farthest corner of our country all alone ✌️. Her contribution towards club’s work is highly appreciable 🫶. She is also the tallest among the Community Service Avenue directors. She would easily cheer up everyone around her with her witty talks and crazy ways of approaches. Some of her batchmates think that she’s a tube light who questions about something over and over again. They also point out her as a one-day learner who would start studying if her exams are tomorrow 😯. She is good at dancing and she would watch dancing videos on YouTube when she gets some time to herself 💃. Apart from dancing, this fashionable scientist loves music too.

It is obvious that she is interested in many fields and this makes her a multi-disciplined character 🤹‍♀️. Undoubtedly RACUOK will have a significant journey ahead with this wonderfully awesome soul aboard in the most prominent avenue of the club. Rtr. Dewmini Abhisheka will serve the Commusnity Service Avenue marking the RACUOK a legend in the history of the Rotaract 🎯🏵️.

Rtr. Gayani Jayamanna

Co-Director - Community Service

Rtr. Gayani Jayamanna is a proud product of the Department of Statistics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Humanities. To begin with, Gayani is a total “කිරි පෙරේතයෙක් “ as addressed by her friends because if she doesn’t have her cup of milk in the morning, it would make her feel as if the day never started 🥛😋. This unique individual does not have a specific hobby but is an expert about creams as she tries on different types of cream each month 🪞. During a panic, She can do weird things (there’s a flashback behind this one line!) 😉. She has the habit of ‘not cleaning her table, where books are jumbled up’ which is a inherent quality of hers 📚📑. She does not need a specific time or duration to sleep, in her books there’s no such thing as short naps 😴💤.

She has the many skills hidden such as abilities of handling IT related stuff 💻. She is a funny and kindhearted personality and never hesitates to extend her help whenever possible 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼♥️. Rtr. Gayani Jayamanna who is an interesting and enthusiastic individual will for sure add in her special vibe of joy to the journey of the Community Service Avenue. 🎊🪄

Rtr. Kavishka Kodithuwakku

Co-Director - Community Service

Rtr. Kavishka Kodithuwakuwa is a proud product of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Management of the Faculty of Science. This young lady is known as the person with the most amazing voice 😍. She is quite the talented moderator with the talent of getting people engaged 🎙. If you want to learn about the nature or the environment she’s the most suitable person for it 🌱🌳. As per her friends, she does not like to be called by her middle name and has a picture of herself on her watch 🤭. Rtr. Kavishka Kodithuwakuwa being a kind and enthusiastic member will help make the journey of the Community Service Avenue a special one 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼✨.

Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa

Co-Director - International Service

Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa is a proud product of the Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Humanities, who acts as the motherly figure 👩‍👧‍👦 for all the younger ones she encounters and even as the perfect elder sister 🙋🏻‍♀️ one could ask for. She is very caring, friendly and lovely 🥰 to anybody which you could see to yourself by only talking with her for a very few minutes ⏱️.

She is undoubtedly a night owl 🦉 who also tries to transform everyone she works with as night owls too (be prepared 👍 to be awake to experience the dawn of a new day 🌄 if you start a task with this girl).

Do not ❌ expect quick replies from her because she barely answers calls 📵 and responds to texts right away (most of the time missing online and takes around 3-4 business days to reply). Also, we wonder whether she has a secret lover… 👩‍❤️‍👨 (she stays online till late night but apith ekka text karanne nahaa).

We do get panicked 🤯 easily if we misplace our precious stuff (bag 👜 and phone 📱) right? But this cool individual is a very very chill person 😇 who does not get panicked easily and would just say “ah it’s okay, will do this work and check for them later” and will stay extremely calm. So, even with the massive amount of workload 📚 she has, you will see her as a very cool person 😎.

Without a doubt, the International Service Avenue will find Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa as one of the sweetest and easy-going characters they'll ever meet and we’re glad to have you on board! 🤝🥳

Rtr. Pinsari Jayasundara

Co-Director - International Service

Rtr. Pinsari Jayasundara is a proud product of the Department of Modern Languages of the Faculty of Humanities. Pinsari is usually an early bird who sleeps early, 🌝 while most people in the club are night owls 🦉🦇. So they will have to reserve her time the previous day if they want her to stay awake. Outwardly, she seems like a very silent person. But contrastingly she is very chitty chatty 😍😋. She is the person who always send long voice messages instead of texts. And she would speak unnecessarily louder in those voice messages just to annoy her peers. She loves beach and she still builds up sandcastles 🪨🌊. It’s a real struggle when she starts to pick outfits when she goes on trips. When she likes a song, she keeps humming it until her friends really get tired of that 🤫.

Pinsari is also very good at planning sudden trips. She will watch dramas even if her exams are tomorrow 😮. And she used to have a crush on Dinesh Taranga. She was upset when she knew he has a relationship with Shanudrie 🤥. When it comes to Pinsari’s absolute interests, she is very much fond of cotton candy. We can call it one of her extreme obsessions, which one day made a candy floss seller roam along with her 🤣. However, she is an innocent and a lovely person whom for now loves being single. She is definitely a duty-bound personality 🥰. She often tries to give her perfect output in every task that is assigned to her. Rtr. Pinsari Jayasundara is an outstanding character whose presence makes the RACUOK incredibly great 🧚‍♀️🌻.

Rtr. Sanduni Hansika

Co-Director - Professional Development

Rtr. Sanduni Hansika is a proud product of the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. She is a sweetheart who always has a bright and gentle smile which spreads a joyous vibe around ☺️❤️. But don’t judge too soon as she can totally pull of those scary vibes as well and gets into a strict mode when she feels that she isn’t taken into count 🤯🫢. But then again that turns out to be cute too 🤭. Sanduni is well known among the board members as ‘Akshana’s better half’ 🫶🏻🪄. She has the ability to totally go red as a cherry at times when she is being complimented 🍒 and is super caring, that even if you fall asleep during a call, she’ll still be there making sure you have a good and safe sleep 🥹♥️. Talking about her fashion sense, it is so admirable, and she owns the best dresses in her wardrobe collection 💃🏻🤩.

This pretty and cute director is a friendly, supportive and understanding personality whom you can converse about anything at all 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼✨. She is a dedicated individual who gets totally committed and involved into any task assigned and successfully accomplishes it 🎯. The Professional Development Avenue is about to achieve another victorious milestone with Rtr. Sanduni Hansika onboard. 🔥🎗️

Rtr. Senudi Vithana

Co-Director - Professional Development

Rtr. Senudi Vithana is a proud product of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. This professionally developed hard worker is a person who will get the job done no matter how hard and stressful it is 🔥❤️. She is also the one to receive many proposals after attending Rotaract events 🥰. This sports lover is a huge cricket fan 🏏 and she even has three or four of the same black T-shirt because it's comfortable and can be styled with anything 💜.

This total sweetheart has a mix of swag and pretty girl vibes and offers the best relationship advice 🤭💯. She is an open and friendly person who cares a lot for her friends. The journey of the Professional Development Avenue will for sure strive towards success with this dedicated personality onboard ✨👔.

Rtr. Duleetha Sandaruwan

Co-Director - Sports and Entertainment

Rtr. Duleetha Sandaruwan is a proud product of the Department of Physical Science of the Faculty of Science. He is the most ideal person you can ask for to deal with new people 🫂👊 as he is a very friendly and supportive character who is good at making anyone his friend 😉. And he will always make sure that a photo 📷 is taken with almost every single person he meets.

This multitasking individual is also super talented in decorating event venues 🎊🪩 and you can count on him for solutions to almost any problem 🥸, where he will definitely come up with something creative to cover up. He needs everything to be as perfect as possible 👌, so he would always do test runs before any event to make sure that everything is in order.

As he has an inborn talent to effortlessly make new friends, he also does encounter so many අහඹු හමුවීම් 😮🤝 wherever he goes.

We’re pleased to have such an enthusiastic co-director like Rtr. Duleetha Sandaruwan onboard to guide the most enthusiastic avenue of the club! 💪🥂

Rtr. Kavindu Hiroshana

Co-Director - Sports and Entertainment

Rtr. Kavindu Hiroshana is a proud product of the Department of Physical Science of the Faculty of Science. As for his companions he’s a True Lover. They would also call him ‘Kottu’ for some reason 🧐. He’s so short that his companions would always crack jokes on it 🥶.

He nicely sings in his free time and also has a great taste for dancing 🕺. He is a good bike-rider. However, he often goes on wrong routes referring to google maps. Maybe he loves going the wrong way, thinking that he can explore new routes 😂👻. He often takes pictures of himself wherever he goes, like girls would do nowadays. He would act so many poses and ask others to capture him 🤳.

On the other hand, Kavindu is an energetic guy, whom doesn’t prefer to work virtually. Yet he loves technology and has an advanced knowledge in Computer Science and Statistics. He’s a professional multi-tasker and would manage his time very well ⭐. He is extremely supportive, dutiful and always keen on his responsibilities regardless of the situation - he would literally stand in fuel queues for hours just to accomplish what’s being assigned to him 🤹‍♂️. Sports and Entertainment Avenue of RACUOK will flourish and rise beyond boundaries with Rtr. Kavindu Hiroshana leading the way 🤾🏮.

Rtr. Chathuka Ravindu

Co-Director - Club Relations

Rtr. Chathuka Ravindu is a proud product of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies who engages in volunteerism as his hobby 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼. When it comes to Chathuka, he is quite famous, and he holds the record among the Board member with the highest number of stickers and as a matter of fact there is a fan base for those stickers as well 🤪🫥. There are a number of other titles of him which has a flashback story. ‘සූර පප්පා lite Sri Lankan version’ is one such name 😹. This cupid of UOK who is a vegetarian recognizes himself as a ‘අහිංසක ළමයෙක්’ though 😎🤫.

Keeping aside all the fun facts, Rtr. Chathuka Ravindu is an outgoing and friendly person anyone can rely on ✨. Let it be academics, extracurricular or some advice, he is forever ready to help you out 🙌🏻. Her never fails to think about others and completes any task assigned. If you ever lack motivation he is the best person to reach out, to get a dose of encouragement 👑. Adding into that, he is an easy going, fun to work with, supportive, skillful and dedicated individual 🎉. The journey of Club Relations Avenue is for sure going to be adventurous with this energetic and passionate personality onboard. 🎊🪄

Rtr. Thedini Herath

Co-Director - Club Relations

Rtr. Thedini Herath, a proud product of the Department of International Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, is undoubtedly a brilliant girl with a sweet big heart ❤️. She literally feels bad for the slightest inconvenience that’s happening around her. It could be to herself, her family, her friends or to a complete stranger, her warm heart pops up for everyone. She’s so really kind, cute and sweet 🥰.

On the other hand, Thedini can be introduced as a crazy merry-maker and can absolutely be nicknamed as “The TikTok Queen” 😍🥳. Yes, it’s like, there’s no place that she goes and coming back without a new TikTok. We can call her the Minister of social relationships as well. Just ask her if she knows a person, and she will for sure know almost every person in your contact list 🤪.

She has a huge crush on ben ten. She thinks that she is going to marry him one day; even her blanket is ben ten. When it comes to real life crushes, she has a very complicated love life. She’d fall for multiple guys at once and cry over all of them. She’d complain about all of them but would never dare to make the first move - so she’s gonna be single for the rest of her life 😐.

She also has a HUGE appetite even though she’s petite 👩‍🦰. We wonder where all the food is going. 😂 Though she literally dives and gets sunk in overthinking, she knows how to cheer up everyone no matter where she goes and how she herself feels. She is such an outstanding character anyone can get along with. Rtr. Thedini Herath will cherish the Club Relations Avenue, outshining it with its exclusive engagement towards a better RACUOK 🌸💫.

Rtr. Harith Jayanath

Co-Director - Digital Media

Rtr. Harith Jayanath is a proud product of the Department of Physical Science of the Faculty of Science. Among all of his talents, he is well known for his talent in graphic designing 👨‍💻 who would turn anything you give, into an eye-catching 🤩 flyer. As one of the most humble and supportive characters ✌️ you would ever meet, he is available at any time for help regardless of the amount of work he has (will design last-minute flyers without saying no 😊).

This travel enthusiast ✈️ is famous for a lot of අහඹු හමුවීම් 🫂 (will definitely have at least one ahambu hamuweem a day; check out his WhatsApp statuses) and always ‘Live’ 🤳 yanawa wherever he goes. He who calls himself as ‘හරිම හොඳ ළමයෙක්’ 🙆🏻‍♂️ falls asleep just as soon as the clock strikes 10 pm (10 wenakota Harith left 😴) and thereby he hates late night meetings.

He gets his daily updates by reading newspapers 📰 in the morning and this creative individual would do his level best for the betterment 🫡 of the club.

The Digital Media Avenue can look forward to seeing some amazing skills of Rtr. Harith Jayanath through out the year! 🥳🥂

Rtr. Pramod Eshan

Co-Director - Digital Media

Rtr. Pramod Eshan is a proud product of the Department of Physics and Electronics of the Faculty of Science. This young man is a sports lover 🤼‍♀️ and a talented badminton player 🏸 and absolutely loves to spend his spare time playing video games and watching movies 🎬🎮. He is a very kind and honest person with a big heart ❤️. He is very close with his friends and will always be there for them if or when needed 🫂. This gentleman is known as the "peacemaker" 🕊 among his friends. He is a good digital editor and an extroverted person. His hobbies are watching Formula racing 🏎 and also fictional and romantic movies. Rtr. Promod Eshan, being a technologically savvy and enthusiastic personality will contribute to building another successful journey for the Digital Media Avenue 💻✨.

Rtr. Roshan Rathnayake

Co-Director - Finance

Rtr. Roshan Rathnayake is a proud product of the Department of Financial Engineering of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. To begin with, he has a love affair with seafood 🍱, and he loves prawns to the infinity and beyond 🍤♥️. According to his colleagues, he is obsessed with adventure movies but in the meanwhile he is also too scared, even to go on a little zip line 🧗🏻‍♂️. Roshan is a cleanliness freak and hates to be in messy and unclean surroundings 👋🏻✨.

He is a very outgoing, enthusiastic and an understanding person who will do anything for the close people around him 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼🪄. If you have any concerns, clarifications or anything at all to communicate urgently, no worries at all as he is an all-time online type of person, and you can get a reply for your text within the next 5 - 6 minutes 📲⏱️. The Finance Avenue has the best fit to lead the team as Rtr. Roshan Rathnayake is a responsible and well-organized personality. 📌🎊

Rtr. Bawadharani Siwanesan

Co-Director - Finance

Rtr. Bawadharani Siwanesan is a proud product of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. If you have assigned or asked her to complete a task, you never have to think about it again as she would definitely make sure that it is accomplished on time with utmost perfection 😌🎗️. She may be a silent individual but her immense potential is indeed hidden within ✌🏻✨. She ensures that her fullest support is given whenever her contribution is needed. She is a friendly and supportive individual who loves stitching as her hobby 🪡♥️. It should be mentioned that she is an expert in it too.

Bawadharani is a well-organized type of person, and all her works are always neatly done 🎯⚡. She also doesn’t only limit to any responsibility assigned to her, but also never hesitates to help you out even if it is not part of her role 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼🪄. The Finance Avenue is definitely going to have an organized and established journey ahead with Rtr. Bawadharani Siwanesan onboard. 🔥✨

Rtr. Devja Nethlak

Co-Director - Information Technology

Rtr. Devja Nethlak is a proud product of the Department of Information System Engineering, Faculty of Computer Technology. He is an extroverted person with a very active lifestyle 🤩 and is the best trip organiser (you can ask for a list of beautiful locations to visit from him!) He is a very powerful speaker 🎤 who's able to move people with his words and this gentleman is quite a vehicle enthusiast 🏎. Devja’s favourite thing to do during his spare time is to get on his red FZ bike 🏍 and cruise around the town in the evening. The most interesting fact about this guy is that he loves to drive buses and whenever he gets a chance to drive a bus he will not miss it 🚌😂.

Devja will always do his best to wear branded caps, watches and shoes and according to his friends, he is always down for trying new things 😎🔥. He even conducts A/L math classes (a very talented teacher). He is a good friend you can ask for and loves entertaining his colleagues 🫂☺️. Rtr. Devja Nethlak being a talented and enthusiastic member will for sure make the journey of the Information Technology Avenue an interesting and unique voyage ❤️‍🔥💻.

Rtr. Sahan Pasindu

Co-Director - Information Technology

Rtr. Sahan Pasindu is a proud product of the Department of Computer System Engineering, Faculty of Computing and Technology. He is a skillful owner 👨🏻‍🎓 of sound knowledge about technology 🧑🏻‍💻.

This tech-obsessed gentleman is a game lover 😍🎮 and a TV series addict (do recommend some new games and TV series for him to watch 😊✌️). His voice may sound like he is not friendly and is only a work-work person, but when you get in touch with him you will see that he is a very nice and humble individual 😇. If you need solutions for any IT problem, he’s just one-call 📞 away.

Being such a helpful friend 🫂, he will do anything you ask if you give him a chocolate biscuit 🍪 (give him a chocolate biscuit and you can get a lot of work done in return 😌). He can even be the next brand ambassador 👨‍💼 for chocolate biscuits!

Rtr. Sahan Pasindu, we are looking forward to your incessant guidance and assistance beyond tech-help throughout the year! 🤗🎉

Rtr. Hashan Koonara

Co-director - Member Relations

Rtr. Hashan Koonara is a proud product of the Department of Physics and Electronics of the Faculty of Science. He is known for being an amazing leader with awesome planning and strategic thinking 🧠. He absolutely loves TikTok and created an account right after joining one of Thedini's TikTok 🎶. Hashan is well known as a sticker maker due to the most hilarious and perfect stickers he makes of others. He is quite a perfectionist 👌🏻 and also tends to overthink a lot but this smart young gentleman is quite an innovator with creative and novel ideas (he is full of crazy innovative 🤓 ideas which can be implemented as great project ideas). As a caring and loving friend 🫂 to his colleagues, he would always treat anyone he encounters with a very sweet smile ☺️. This talented personality is a really hardworking individual who works toward achieving his goals surpassing challenges and obstacles ❤️‍🔥. Rtr. Hashan Koonara being a hard worker and a dedicated individual will for sure make the journey of the Member Relations Avenue a success 🔥🫱🏻‍🫲🏻.

Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara

Co-director - Member Relations

Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara is a proud product of the Faculty of Humanities, doing a general degree and is one of the kindest 😇 and most polite souls you will ever come across with a simple and down-to-earth personality 🙃.

As a very silent and shy little girl 🤗, she will never switch on her camera 📷 during meetings and doesn’t like to stay for photos (lajjawa). She would always be there for her friends 🫂 and will give her fullest support for anything at any time in need. She’s very cute and always wears a smile ☺️ on her face (will treat anybody she meets with a smile) and also will go around giving pebbles and mentos 😋 to her close friends.

You can entrust 👍 her with any work without any second thought and the output will definitely be beyond the expected standards 🤩👌 (wadak baragaththoth neat ekatama karanwaa).

Whenever her friends say something unbelievable 😱, she would quickly respond to them by asking, “seriouslyyyyy!” 😲 (eya eka adaalaaaa ahanne).

All in all we are delighted to have Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara in the Member Relations Avenue and we're hopefully waiting to carry on a great year ahead with you! 🎉🪄

Rtr. Lakni Perera

Co-Director - Public Relations

Rtr. Lakni Perera is a proud product of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. As a matter of fact our Co-Directors of PR, Lakni, is a good dancing star 💃. Although she seems like so arrogant Lakni is one of the coolest and most cheerful girls in the whole club. She is a good listener and a lovely friend. She is a supportive character, the most helpful indeed 🌷. She will be just a call away anytime. Alarms are a prominent part of her life 🕰️.

Above all, she is but a full package of psycho 🫢. She is obviously clever at shouting in silent places. She can also be considered as a combination of track, funny and the coolest person 🫠.

Lakni is also a fast speaker and very much talkative. Nevertheless, she is indisputably a unique and most needed character in the club 🤍. Rtr. Lakni Perera’s enormous and imperative service will indeed lead the Public Relations Avenue towards sustainability and growth further 🌀🌐

Rtr. Uditha Karandana

Co-Director - Public Relations

Rtr. Uditha Karanadana is a proud product of the Department of Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. He can be well known as the funniest person ever! 😍 He’s an optimistic, friendly and at the same time a polite guy with little to no much choices. His simple way of thinking would even make him eat plain rice🍚🌚. He doesn’t want some snacks for his tea. In fact, he would eat ‘chili paste’ with nothing at all – he has a high spirit to do that 🥹. He has a strong love for tall girls and wants a ‘taller-than-him’ girl to marry him 🫣👰🏻‍♀. His batchmates would laugh at the way he carries heavy bags 😂.. As for his interests, he loves singing, listening to eastern music and he’s keen on inventing new things and ideas. He is a vast traveller too 🚲. Moreover, he loves and appreciates almost everything and there’s not any ‘don’t like’ things in his life.

Although his life is filled with simplicity, his contribution to the club is much more than that. He carries a prodigious amount of responsibilities which are very crucial for the existence and progress of the club 🍃. Rtr. Uditha Karanadana will contribute his maximum by guiding the most effective avenue, in order to ensure further growth and acknowledgement of RACUOK. 🎊✨