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Born a woman means you are halfway there to be prone to inequality, injustice, and violence. The delicacy of a woman is mistakenly taken as a weakness. Little do they know that they have a voice and that means the whole world. Silencing a woman is the worst thing one can do.

She needs to be valued and treasured.

She should be empowered.

The motivation we expected to provide through this project was that every woman should be treated equally. Every woman should be given a place in the society. Throughout this project we planned to uplift every aspect of women’s life. Womanhood should be regarded and rewarded. With the aforementioned concept idea, we, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, launched the project Athena, mainly focusing on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 17th Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout this project, the value a woman should receive within her society was considered as a key element in writing articles and thus Athena, was handed over to the womanhood in the form of a magazine. It was launched successfully as a brain baby of four months where an organizing committee of 45 plus amazing rotaractors worked around the clock in order to go the extra mile.

The articles were received from every corner of the world and the interviews were carried on to gather information and ideas for the magazines. Athena was not just a magazine; it was the voice of a lot of untold stories of women who had enough. With success stories, tips and advices, and creative masterpieces, Athena was officially launched on the 12th of November along with a discussion of three panelists, namely, Mr. Dushyanth Weeraman; a renowned musician and a recording and performing artist, Ms. Bernadine Jayasinghe; the managing director of Institute of Essential Studies (IES), and Ms. Arouba Kabir Pathan; the founder of Ensowelness, a motivational speaker and also a mental health therapist.

Thus, Athena did the justice to the womanhood and was successfully finalized.

Strong women aren’t simply born, they are forged through the challenges of life.

Athena; she had it in her all along!

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  1. Dinithi Lorensuhewa

    ❤️This Project made us feel that nothing is impossible if we have a good team and great mentors.

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