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Rotaract is a magical realm where dreams and reality converge to create positive change in the world. A place where the impossible becomes possible, and where the power of community knows no bounds. Think of Rotaract as a journey of self-discovery and purpose-driven growth, where each step you take brings you closer to your best self. You’ll face challenges and obstacles along the way, but you’ll also discover new talents, make lifelong friends, and create a legacy of service that will endure for generations.

BEYOND is a joint initiative by the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance and the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, focusing on spotlighting Rotaractors who thrive towards serving the community while excelling in different professions and fields. Every Rotaractor has a unique and distinguished story of their own. Hence the Beyond Magazine is a compilation of some inspiring stories of Rotaractors.

The organizing committees from both RACUOK and RACUOCFMF began this novel initiative on the 10th of April 2023 with the quest of discovering Rotaractors who have become stars of different industries and fields while being the change the world needs. A number of incentivizing personalities were spotlighted, and the team presented a set of questions to unveil the tremendous potential and achievements of these fellow Rotaractors. The teams garnered invaluable insights and chapters of the lives of these outstanding Rotaractor from different clubs of the Rotaract in Rotary International District 3220.

Further enhancing the essence of comradeship, an additional segment was added titled; ‘Slam Book’. This was an element of Beyond where fellow Rotaractors penned down their experiences in the Rotaract Slam Book which shared the fondest memories of being a Rotaractor. Heartfelt memories are indeed a treasure cherished lifelong by each and every fellow Rotaractor.

Parallelly the most crucial part of the Beyond Magazine began, which was the designing. Indeed, it was an art of adding colors to every content making them even more vibrant and attention-grabbing which was amazingly coordinated and executed by Rtr. Sarada Nirmala from RACUOCFMF. 

With the essence of dedication and coordination ‘BEYOND’ transformed into a marvelous compendium of the stories of Rotaractors who are superheroes of service, with capes made of passion, hearts fueled by compassion, and minds empowered by innovation, the Rotaract Slam Book segment were fellow members shared their sparkling reminiscence down the Rotaract memory lane and also the inspiring quotes that added in the magic of motivation.

Rotaractors are change-makers known for their unwavering commitment to their local and global communities, and their tireless efforts to make a positive impact. With their strong leadership skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and boundless enthusiasm, Rotaractors are a force to be reckoned with.

Truly, each and every Rotaractor is a shining star of the service world, lighting the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all and it is indeed an honor to present the world, inspiring narratives of these stars depicting the quest and achievements they’ve conquered.

A big applause to the organizing committee members of both RACUOCFMF and RACUOK for initiating and implementing this novel idea of honoring Rotaractors and creating a platform to share their stories and emotions with fellow Rotaractors of the world.

Also appreciating the masterminds of the BEYOND initiative; the Editors and OC members of both RACUOCFMF and RACUOK for their ingenious idea to honor Rotaractors and provide a stage for them to connect with fellow Rotaractors across the globe. Hats off to the organizing committee for their creativity and passion in bringing this initiative to life! It’s heartwarming to witness the power of sharing stories and emotions, especially when it comes to inspiring others to take action and make a difference in their communities. 

Viva La Rotaract!

Rtr. Rahma Zuhri

Senior Editor RI 2022-23

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