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BrandIn” which is an initiative by the Rotaract in RID 3220 in Sri Lanka and Maldives was successfully conducted along with the collaboration of the Rotaract Clubs of Colombo West, University of Kelaniya and Royal Institute – Colombo. Quarter one of BrandIn comprised two online sessions and a physical session.

The session series of the BrandIn – quarter 1 began with the virtual session which was based on the topic “Introduction to branding using web-based platforms” focusing on a crucial and essential topic with regard to the technological era of the 21st century. The session was conducted by Mr. Supun Manoj Kumar, freelancing web developer at What Media Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

The session spotlighted the importance of establishing a unique identity for your brand. Creating a logo along with focusing on additional elements such as colors and also marketing strategies, expansion of the product, advertising, etc. will accomplish the purpose of ‘Digital Marketing’, promoting your brand in the online space and thus reaching out to a wider scope of customers. The session enhanced the knowledge of the participants on the significance of owning a website for your brand as the first choice of a lot of customers is to search the website of the relevant product in Google before purchasing the product.  The resource person also elaborated on how to prepare a website without any coding knowledge. He expressed WordPress as one of the solutions. The resource person also practically presented how to create a website through WordPress and its designing tools adding more value to the session. The session concluded unveiling the fact that Webpage platforms are highly impactful and have become a crucial tool for branding your product.

The second session of the BrandIn session series which was based on the topic “Effective blog writing for performant websites” was successfully held on the 17th of September 2022. The session was conducted by Rtr. Lukshan Bandara the CEO and Co founder of CADD and Ms. Jessica Mathiasz a Senior Copywriter/ Project Manager at CADD Pvt. Ltd.

The session emphasized the eminence of the content of a blog to maintain an outstanding platform promoting the brand. The session brought forward that a blogger should possess the enthusiasm to research, the art of writing, knowledge of SEO, and the drive to learn as key skills to add in a sparkle to performant websites. All participants gained immense awareness on content writing and its importance. Further, the session focused on what is SEO and also about the art of using algorithms of search engines to promote their brand. The resource person further explained the segments of understanding the requirements of the brand, researching the brand, researching associated keywords of the brand, and structuring the content. Participants were also enlightened on the fact that search engines rank all websites and therefore, social media is a beneficial tool to promote their websites, thus increasing their rankings.

Moreover, attendees received guidance on how to boost their website or blog to attract their target audience. This session also covered the application of sections, headers, fonts, and other visual components for an attractive presentation of the virtual platforms. The presenters also extended the beneficent of the session by sharing functional tools and resourceful websites to expand the learning to become a professional content writer.

Session three of the BrandIn series was held physically on the 27th of September from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Royal Institute of Colombo premises with the attendance of 30+ Rotaractors. This was a practical session on “Building a WordPress website”. The session was conducted by Rtn. Andrew Jebaraj, the Founder and Managing Director at Readme Lanka Pvt. Ltd. and Director at Rocketeer Labs Pvt. Ltd. The session was amazingly carried out by the resource person with the engagement and interaction of the attendees. The chore of making an account on WordPress; the free hosting site was given to the participants, who were divided into teams based on the Clubs they represented. While the teams were continuing with the task, Rtn. Andrew Jebaraj emphasized the crucial elements that should be taken into account when building and maintaining a website, bringing up practical concerns like the vulnerability of websites to hacking and cyber-attacks and highlighting the necessity of having paid security systems to alleviate the issue. all groups were assisted by the resource person in building their own WordPress websites.  The session definitely broke down the barrier of limited knowledge to establish an outstanding webpage and all attendees obtained the practical skill of launching a website of their own which accomplished the purpose of the session.

Accordingly, with the successful accomplishment of three outstanding and effective sessions, BrandIn – quarter one was concluded and the appreciation of hosting such a unique project which focused on providing a most needed focus area goes out to all resource persons for extending their fullest support in conducting the sessions, the enthusiastic participants and most importantly the dedicated organizing committee who fabulously organized the series and directing it towards success!

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