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Dear Santa

“Ever since I was small, I always hoped for a gift from Santa Claus.”


December has always been my month, it is the end of the year but still, I feel like my year begins with December. I am happy that I was born in the most happening month of the year. Snowing everywhere but unfortunately, we have rain and that’s also kinda cool, streets filled with lights and Christmas trees all over the town, fireworks lighting up the sky every second, a cool environment with a good feel, Christmas songs played all over the place and Carols which I really enjoyed this year. 

Why am I even so excited about this month when I am having exams at the beginning of the new year. Yeah true I am so stressed and not in the mood to celebrate anything but there’s always something that keeps me moving forward. This year has been so lovely that my life changed a lot and I started coming out of my safe zone. I started my University journey which probably was online and thanks to the scientists who discovered the vaccine it all turned out to be good where we had everything physical and happening. The beginning of this year really made me feel like I was not doing much and wasting my time. But everything started to change once I received the letter from UGC. Finally, I was in the orientation program! I talked to people, and I met a lot of good people who really helped me out in hard times. I realized the world isn’t so bad but we might be unlucky to be caught up to someone who isn’t that good to us. I’d like to especially recall the dear security who I met at the hospital, she was really sweet and she always looked over me while I was there at the hospital to take my report. I always liked doing things alone but I loved when someone is next to me to cheer me up. I don’t think it’s something unique to me but it’s the same with everyone. This year in the end turned out to be something that I never expected. Filled with so many people who I really fall in love with.  

The fact is, it’s true that I can’t change the exam timetable but I can always be happy for a reason which is ‘I made it and I am doing it’. I met some and kept holding on to some and they have a place in my heart. This month made me realize everything because it all started well and it is gonna end well. So on this Christmas day let’s all remember the things we love, the things we tried, the things we expect to accomplish, learn from our mistakes, accept reality, and always have a smile on our faces.

Santa Claus, I know that you always looked over me. Finally, I got gifted with the things I always wanted. I don’t know for some reason I feel like you really made it to me. I felt like you crept into my house the night before and gave me a glimpse of happiness and loads of gifts. 

Thank you Santa Claus…

Hope to meet you soon.


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  1. Susan

    Nice ✨️

    1. Kandakumar Gangadaran

      Thank you ☺️💕

      1. Adeesha Abeydheera

        Amazing! ❤️

  2. Kaveesha

    Super 😍❤

  3. Aysha M. N.

    Excellent 👏🤞😍♥

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