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Environmental Health: Our Collective Responsibility for a Sustainable Future

Food, Water & Shelter. Upon hearing these words, your minds are bound to grasp a very important aspect of life associated with the essentialness & existence of human beings. Food, water and shelter, these 3 formidable factors originated from the natural environment are the reasons for the very existence of us human beings.

While the natural environment ensures our existence, there are other factors or environments that contribute to the well-being of human beings. To name some of them are clean air, a stable climate, healthy & safe workplaces, and sound agricultural practices which help maintain the well-being of people.

As these factors along with many other factors are capable of deciding the health of the public, people must practice keeping a good relationship with these factors or their environments, where all these factors are included.

The conditions of these environments differ according to the regions in the world. While some environments affect positively towards the public health others affect negatively. The negative effects could cause diseases both physically & mentally. Hence the subject of environmental health is a significant matter that needs to be discussed. To shed light on that matter, the day, 26th of September is named as the ‘Environmental Health Day’ by the Federation of International Health in 2011.

Every year, there is a new theme to celebrate Environmental Health Day and they are aimed to meet Sustainable Development Goals. And this day provides an encouragement to world leaders to advocate to environmental conservation.

The level of environmental health can be measured through some indicators. Pollution level, Ecological Diversity, Availability of drinking water, sanitary conditions, safe use of chemicals & agricultural outputs are some of these indicators. According to the conditions of these indicators, the effect of the environment on public health varies.

Therefore, people need to realize that the future of mankind & our planet depends on the way they care for environmental health.

Let’s care for the environmental health for a better future.

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