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A bridge from misery to hope!

As said by Kofi Annan, the Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, “literacy is a bridge from misery to hope”. Education and literacy can be considered two sides of the same coin. Accordingly, education is the development of a person’s knowledge, behavior and sensibility, whereas literacy is the ability to read and write. Thus, the combination of education and literacy has the ability to shape and mold people to seek better versions of themselves.

From womb to tomb, people learn. Education is not merely having knowledge about diversified subjects. It’s about practicing what we have learnt so far and obtaining experiences. Experiences have the ability to make people thrive into significance because what we have learnt will never be futile in the future. Hence, education allows people to spread their wings in enlivening the taste of a new world.

Eventually, education and literacy play a preeminent role in one’s life, building a platform to sharpen their skills in conquering the magnificence of their style of living and inspiring people to remove their coloured glasses, serving as a mirror. Thus, they reflect one’s life to the rest of humanity, bridging a way to hope.

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