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When there’s no light…     

The light of the society, hope of the future, and the spirit of the mankind is none other than ‘literacy’. In fact, it is ‘the breath of existence’. We cannot see it. It is felt within, and its absence makes any other greater organ’s presence totally futile.

What if people are not under the shade of literacy?

“The human mind is our fundamental resource” (John F. Kennedy), and that resource is dug up only through literacy where people are educated not only to read and write but also to wonder and discover. Thus, literacy acts as a source of reflection, creativity and development.

Starting from basic education, children won’t be guided or empowered to be confident and courageous; they may not even recognize their potential when there’s no literacy. In addition to that, we don’t need to wonder what happens if those children become leaders of the next generation.

Literacy is also the one that nourishes a person with moral ethics. Even though man is creative and more intelligent by nature, he needs a bit of awareness from his environment as well. Most prominently, if there’s no literacy, this world wouldn’t have been developed as in today. It is the lifeblood of humanity.

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