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Hey, It’s Christmas!

It’s the pace of cheerfulness! It’s the exceptional juncture of many! Of course yes, It’s Christmas!

Christmas is the most sacred festival of Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It has widely become a global phenomenon as a significant cultural day among citizens of the whole world. The 25th of December in every year remarks the nativity, and this festive season exhibits much more happiness, togetherness and tranquillity in the souls of those who are celebrating this vivid day.

Christmas is an annual celebration. This joyous day brings families, neighbours and friends together, enhancing happiness and surprises. People celebrate this day with their loved ones. This elaborates that Christmas day ties human relationships in a perfect manner. People enjoy mental relaxation and peace by doing various activities which are embedded with this festive season.

Christmas intertwines with many facets throughout centuries with various cultural events. While sinking in the thought of Christmas, Christmas decorations will definitely evoke in the minds of them. Mostly, the theme colours of Christmas are red, green and gold. The churches, houses and streets etc. are decorated with colours depicting an awe-inspiring scenery. One cannot forget the Christmas trees in this extraordinary season. Not only children but also elders are delighted to decorate the Christmas tree as it appears as a symbol of happiness. Further, Christmas gifts are exchanged to share the cheerfulness and joy. Christmas carol services benefit people with joy and eternal contentment. During our childhood, who is that special personality who we all celebrate when it’s about Christmas? Yes, it is Santa Claus! He showcased the beauty of generosity to the entire world.

Christmas is not just about vivid events, but it also showcases the truthfulness of becoming a better person. It sparkles on the topic, of generosity. Presenting something for poor people is a magnificent lesson that Christmas teaches. Giving a helping hand to the vulnerable is a prominent theme on Christmas. 

Let’s celebrate this universal festival in a meaningful way emphasizing real happiness and joyousness!

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