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Infant Protection Day

“Every child begins the world again.”

-Henry David Thoreau-

A new generation is created by the arrival of newborn babies, but only if parents and guardians focus on providing a healthy environment that fulfils the basic needs for infants to grow in freedom.

A special day dedicated to protecting the lives of infants, known as “Infant Protection Day,” falls on the 7th of November annually.

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, an infant is a baby or very young child. Parental care during this stage is essential. According to WHO reports, newborn babies are at risk of death in their first 28 days due to inadequate healthcare, lack of appropriate treatments at birth, and a shortage of skilled professionals. 

In 1990, the world faced a critical situation where over 5 million infants worldwide lost their lives, resulting in an increased infant mortality rate. This highlighted the need for a comprehensive discussion on infant protection, given the concerns of communities about these alarming trends.

The first step was taken by Europe, designating November 7th with the primary objective of reducing infant mortality and raising global awareness about the challenges faced by infants at a stage where their survival depends on the care provided by parents or guardians. It also aims to share understandable knowledge within the community to ensure the safety of infants. It emphasizes the responsibility that the community bears to safeguard their health and well-being.

Furthermore, malnutrition is identified as the leading cause of newborn deaths, while severe conditions such as malaria and birth defects pose a threat to fragile lives. Parents should be educated about essential newborn care routines, including thermal protection and breastfeeding, and they should be guided to ensure timely infant vaccination and to recognize danger signs. Simultaneously, the community should work towards creating a safer environment for newborns to grow up.

Although a day is set aside to draw global attention to infant protection, it is a shared responsibility for everyone to contribute to creating a healthy world for newborn babies.

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