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International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

The world which we live in is full of surprises. Since the origin of time, nature and the environment had changed dramatically creating the atmosphere for ‘the fittest to survive’ and mankind was able to succeed in all. However, have been there from the stone age to the technological era up to date, which are never over. An EPIDEMIC might be just an eight-letter word but it has the capacity to change all eight directions of every land where the human race exist. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the unexpectedness with which the environment is always prepared.

The United Nations assembly held the first International Day of epidemic preparedness on the 27th of December 2020 to advocate the importance of the prevention and preparedness for epidemics. The world health organization emphasizing that a global pandemic requires a global response has taken all necessary steps to overcome these challenges that put the health of humanity at risk.

The Covid-19 pandemic has alarmed humanity about the vital importance of being prepared for an epidemic before it transforms itself into a pandemic that can shake the world. The dictionary defines “epidemic” as a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. But the gravity is much more, which cannot even be described by a single sentence. As it has the capability to trap people in their own homes within walls, distance them from one another, make people lose their loved ones, create an entirely ‘new normal’ and much more. Therefore, the absence of attention from international and national bodies can impact the lives of millions and billions of populations. Implications of epidemic management learnings, building strategies to face epidemics successfully, assure all basic services, including medical care, are at their fullest to serve people in any critical situation are a few measures to be taken beforehand. But though the responsibility of preparedness lies upon official organizations, they are not limited to them. Every individual on the earth is obliged to act responsibly and fulfil their duty upon preventing such deleterious situations. The ongoing pandemic is the best example of this, as the government or health institutes can issue guidelines to maintain a safe surrounding. However, it is our responsibility to act accordingly to those regulations for the safety of you, me and the entire human race.

 The international day of epidemic preparedness spotlights the importance of being prepared, and it is a reminder that we come across once a year. However, every day is the best day to be aware of preparedness and precautions. When the unexpected is expected together as team earth, the impossible is possible.

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