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International Homeless Animals’ Day

We need love too…

While food maintains our physical body, love and affection help for our mental wellbeing. Do only humans seek love and care? If we look around the world, we can see plenty of little lovely eyes seeking love. These homeless little things are longing for our love and protection. They are the ones who wander around the streets to find their own food and the ones who look at our eyes with their begging eyes.  Because they live on the streets and are not having shelters, we call them”street animals”. For these lovely animals, the International Society for Animal Rights established the International Homeless Animals’ Day in 1992 and it falls on the third Saturday of August every year.

The goal of the International Society for Animal Rights is to present the issue of dog and cat overpopulation before the public until it is addressed properly and humane societies can also return to this purpose by preventing poor animals from being ceaselessly tortured. This is mainly why they have introduced this special day; to spread awareness about pet overpopulation and up-to-date have conducted meaningful projects including the act of saving the lives of millions of animals. On this day, they also engage in a number of other activities like adopt-a-thons, animal blessings, live music, spay/neuter clinics, speeches from local officials, politicians, and veterinarians, candlelight vigils, raffles, and even games which enhances the purposes of commemorating this day and spreading awareness.

As humans, we can also contribute to this day in favour of street pets by doing little things.

  • Adopt or foster any stray animal you find if you are capable.
  • Donate stray animals found on the streets to a shelter.
  • Spay or neuter your pet.

All of these efforts help control the pet population and keep companion animals in homes with loving families where they belong.

Animal homelessness happens everywhere. Furthermore, in many parts of the world, animals that we think of as pets run wild in the streets and towns. In some of these places, it’s understandable because the people who live there can barely feed and care for themselves and their loved ones, let alone take in animals.

This is why the international community needs to take an interest in homeless animals. We should help these communities and companion animals who cannot help themselves, by lending them food and showing our love. Doing this will help them as well as our mental health.

Have you seen a dog wagging his tale lovingly to us after taking care of them? Have you heard the little purr sounds of cats after cuddling them? Have you ever felt happy after seeing and listening to their unspoken words? If you have not experienced them before, now it’s time to experience them. For that, let’s begin to take care of homeless animals from today onwards and work to accomplish the goal of the International Homeless Animals’ Day. We can make this day special for all lovely living beings!

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