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International Literacy Day

What if someone cannot read or write? How will he face the challenges of this modern era of technology; the 21st century?

The International Literacy Day is a widely known and celebrated day around the world and it is observed on the 8th of September every year. One can raise the question, ‘What is the importance of this day?’ Obviously, if you are capable enough to understand this blog article, that’s because of your literacy level. On the 8th of September, people learn about the importance of literacy in each and every territory on earth. Literacy” is the ability of a person to read and write in the language he owns. It is a key factor required to face the society confidently. As said before, it is very difficult and uncomfortable for an illiterate person to interact in a world powered with higher literacy levels. The basic knowledge of reading and writing opens many more opportunities for a literate individual than for an illiterate person.

The International Literacy Day spotlights the advantages of being literate and those advantages will indeed brighten your journey. It would showcase your personality to the world and it is a crucial matter in terms of understanding the development of a country too. Sri Lanka has an embellished identity as a country with a higher literacy level in the South Asian region. One’s literacy level helps him in personal development and affects the whole community as well. A literate person knows how to connect with other people in the society. He can communicate and adapt perfectly in the workplace in the rapidly changing co-operate world. The literacy level upgrades him to the next level from the ordinary level while giving him more opportunities than that of an illiterate person. Reading and writing abilities are fundamental capabilities of a human being. But, there is no surprise in not having those skills improved in this era too. Most girls and women face this issue, specifically in the African continent and some parts of the Asian continent.

The International Literacy Day keeps paying detailed attention to literacy. What could one do as an individual to cherish and celebrate the real essence of literacy? One could teach the basic skills of literacy as a volunteer and could encourage and educate about the importance and advantages of being literate in the community. Establishing book societies on a small scale would also be effective upon an immense scope because reading books significantly improves the literacy level. 

This day brings a bright light upon the future of a community, country and the whole world. A literate community could achieve sustainable goals through well-mannered strategies. Let’s support to lead this day into a fruitful juncture!

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