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International Migrants Day

In light of the enormous and growing number of migrants around the world, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared December 18 as International Migrants Day on December 4, 2000. This year’s International Migrant Day theme is “Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees.” International Migrants Day is an effort to eliminate bias and bring attention to the positive effects that migrants have had on economies, cultures, and societies on both sides of the global divide.

Migrating is more than merely starting fresh. Migrants leave their homes in pursuit of a safer environment and better possibilities to start over. Some are trying to escape hostile environments where they will be targeted for discrimination. For the sake of a brighter tomorrow, host countries must change and accept these groups. Migration has always been an inspiring symbol of the human desire to overcome misfortune and pursue a better life. The number of people willing and able to migrate to a new location has expanded dramatically due to globalization and other recent technological developments in communication and transportation.

The world’s societies experience constant difficulties and potential in this era. It has also highlighted the prospects for co-development, and the coordinated improvement of economic and social conditions at both the country of origin and destination.

The topic of migration is gaining more and more attention around the globe. The challenges and difficulties of international migration, which include unpredictability, emergency, and complexity, call for more cooperation and collective action across governments and regions. The United Nations is acting as a catalyst in this field to facilitate increased communication and cooperation between nations and regions, as well as to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the development of collaboration opportunities.

It’s noteworthy that leaving your home and traveling to a new nation can be a life-changing experience, yet it’s also associated with danger and insecurity. The UN takes great care to prevent the exploitation of migrants. Together, we can make migration a positive and safe experience for everyone, and that’s what International Migrants Day aims to achieve.

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