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International Mother Earth Day

Earth is our home. It is the place where the human beings live in. The earth consists of several extraordinary miracles of the nature. The nature is built up with awe-inspiring creatures including animals and plants. There was a thankful communication between the nature and human beings before. But everything has been changed through human activities with the awakening of the industrial revolution. The nature was ignored and it affected severe consequences. Celebration of the international mother earth day represents the awareness and importance of protecting the earth and taking actions for the betterment of every earthling on our planet.

International mother earth day was declared by United Nations on every 22nd of April as it directly focuses on our betterment. It confirms the relationship between the humans and the nature. It deals with the harmony of them. Earth is the only planet that carries life in the solar system. The earth has seen several struggles throughout her career as global warming, natural disasters, emission of fossil fuels etc. International mother earth day reflects on the magnificent service she has done. It facilitates the vicissitudes of earth in a refreshing way. International mother earth day embarks us on an outstanding journey about the attention on crucial manners to take care of when it comes to plants and animals.

Earth is everything. She holds unbearable circumstances so far. As earthlings, how should we react on the protective mood of the each and every ecosystem? Giving the awareness of this crucial matter is more beneficial because it is the only key to make all understandable. Raising awareness on this remarkable day from the school level to the public is essential. The conglomerates have to educate the people to save energy sources. For example, turning unnecessary bulbs off too is a better solution. Some of the ways to protect our exceptional mother earth are,

Reduce the plastic made and polythene made products by using eco-friendly alternatives.

Decrease the amount of fossil fuels and unhealthy gases to the eco-systems.

Prevention of disposal of garbage in water catchment areas.

Identification of our ancestors’ methods of the enhancement of nature bonds.

Taking regular legal actions to save nature.

International mother earth day is a critical juncture to remind every person of the value of earth as it directly affects our future as well. Let’s embellish this earth day festivity with grandeur and prosperity towards a pollution-free place to live in.

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