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Jingle Eve 2020

Jingle Eve 2020

Are you a little worried about waiting for long 11 months for another fantabulous Christmas? Do not pout, because you will never be Santa’s bad child if you read and enjoy our review on how the Jingle eve was organized by the club service avenue of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya. So buckle up for a walk, down the memory lane of Rotaract Christmas.

“Jingle Eve wired” was one of the grandest events, which was held on 26th December 2020 via Google meet platform. This merrymaking project was organized in order to let our dear members breakup from their super tiresome mundane work, after-all everybody deserves a little bit of extra fun! Jingle Eve comprised of 06 mind blowing surprises. First surprise was a “Reminiscing session” where someone was randomly nominated and he or she had to tell the best memory that he or she has in Rotaract or in the University and afterwards another was named in the session to carry on. This session brought back many loving and fun memories shared with each other.

The second jingly surprise for the eve was a “Virtual Open Mic Session”. This session was the most melodious with the Christmas songs and carols sung by our fellow Rotaractors’ nightingale-like voices.

              You and I both know how much ecstatic it is to play a little game of charades with our Rotaract family. So, one member was given a phrase to act out until the particular teammate was able to get what he or she meant. This was indeed quite a dramatic, yet fun-popping session with our talented members.

             The fifth surprising session was a simple word game named scribble which was done after all these sessions and this was yet another engaging session of the event.  Next surprise of the eve was a rather challenging yet a fun filled game named “Guess That Phrase”. In this session, the members were given phrases and they were to, spell out the word on mute until their teammates got it right.

       The sixth and the last session of our eve was “two truths and a lie” where, one must  type two truths and a lie in the chat box in Google Meet in any order and an opponent will have to guess the lie he or she has said. This was an amazing game to understand and get to know each other well and to strengthen the bond that we’ve built up for a lifetime!

                Jingle Eve was a breathtaking event and should say an unforgettable soirée to all our Rotaractors. If you’ve been there you’ll agree with me too! Even though our happy little Rotaract Christmas tale has come to an end, you will witness the mesmerizing magic within our Rotaract family which grows day by day with each good deeds we render towards our community!

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Isuru Dissanayake.

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