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Maha Shivratri

“Mahashivratri is of great significance for all those who aspire for the Ultimate. May this night become an exuberant awakening for you.”


“Supremacy isn’t the only way to escape the matrix “

Is it only me who wonders that the world is a place filled with mysteries?

Come to think of what power is and how we were created and the significance unknown of reality is quite amazing.

Mahashivratri; “The great night of Shiva ” is the most significant spiritual celebration in the Hindu calendar.

Regardless of the legends, the possibilities this day and night provide a spiritual seeker are what give it such significance in the yogic traditions. The goal of modern science today is to demonstrate to you that everything you perceive as life, matter, and existence, as well as the cosmos and galaxies, is actually just one energy that manifests itself in countless different ways. Modern science has gone through many stages to get to this point.

This whole story begins billions of years ago. Hindus believe that this day was all about supremacy. Back then there were two gods who were Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu is considered to be one of the main Hindu deities and is seen as the divine arbitrator. He protects justice and moral order by mediating disagreements, whether they involve humans or gods. He is an archetype you might call on when seeking patience. Lord Brahma is the first god in the Hindu triumvirate or Trimurti. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. He is the God of creation These two gods were in an argument about who is the supreme of them. Brahma said, “I am superior because I created you”. Vishnu said, “You cannot live without me sustaining, so I am superior.” They were fighting and this whole argument became a hazard in the world of gods. 

So, Lord Shiva created a pillar of light in front of the gods. Lord Shiva said, ” The person who can see the end will be the supreme god among both of you.” The battle was between the God of Protection and the God of Creation. The gods transformed themselves into creatures. Lord Vishnu transformed into a wild boar and Lord Brahma transformed into a Swan. Lord Vishnu dug down the land to find the end of the light and Lord Brahma flew high in the sky to find the other end of the light. The gods were lost in the search of the endless pillar of light. While Lord Brahma was flying high in the sky a Ketaki flower was falling down he noticed it and he spoke to the flower and made a deal. He wanted the flower to lie to Lord Shiva that Lord Brahma saw the end of the light. On the other side, Lord Vishnu was digging deeper and deeper. Then hearing that Lord Brahma saw the end of the light. Lord Vishnu accepted and returned, and Lord Shiva said that the battle hasn’t ended yet. He knew that the Ketaki flower lied and cursed the flower that it will never be used in any poojas and in temples. For the act of Lord Brahma, he was also cursed that he won’t have a separate temple for him and he will be in all the Shivan temples only. Lord Vishnu was praised as superior to Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu who is also known as Narayana is one of the richest gods. 

Lord Shiva is supreme among all of the gods and he is everywhere. He is considered to be the god of destruction. On this day we celebrate the greatness of Lord Shiva and be grateful for everything.

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