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Monthly Update April- 2022

The Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya successfully drafted another amazing chapter in the Rotaract diary with a number of initiatives that focused on vivid elements of benefiting the community and fellow members. The month of April was amazingly scripted by the outstanding projects and efforts of the Club Service Avenue, Professional Development Avenue, International Services Avenue and also the technical teams namely Member Relations Avenue and the Editorial Avenue.

The Club Service Avenue took the honor of applauding the members of RACUOK during the month of April by issuing 300+ certificates to members who were recognized for their dedication and commitment towards the club and appreciated as members of the month, team leadesr of the month, most enthusiastic members of the month etc. A virtual award ceremony was also held within the avenue in recognition of their fellow avenue members who were selected for the above-mentioned titles and were awarded for their outstanding performance.

The project ‘Spectrum’ by the Professional Development Avenue which turned a new page in the history of volunteer clubs in Sri Lanka was carried out during the month of April and adding in more value to the pages of April another remarkable leap of success was declared by the sale of the first NFT published by the team. This was a major step ahead in the outstanding journey of project Spectrum.

The month of April was another embellished month for the International Service Avenue due to the project ‘One Book One Smile’ which was a joint project done with the twin club; Rotaract Club of Coimbatore Spectrum. The organizing committee collected a huge number of books by locating, two book collecting centers at the university premises. Then the team proceeded with handing over the entire book collection to Udupila Weera Vijayaba Maha Vidyalaya in order to create a complete library which would be the center of knowledge for the students of the school.

The signature project of the Member Relations Avenue which is “RotaTomorrow 2.0” was carried out during the month of April and all the ten enthusiastic teams were actively proceeding their endeavor of addressing the respective SDG goal allocated to them which was a specialty of the project RotaTomorrow. The Team Los Amigos successfully concluded the phase one of their project during the month and the other teams too were engaged in their project plannings.

The Editorial Avenue brought into spotlight the special days of the month of April as well and enhanced knowledge about these special days through the amazing articles written by the members of the editorial team. The Avenue also continued to add the special elements of the ‘Creative Corner’ during the month of April which were the creative corner articles and also presented them to the members to have a splendid read of the creative thoughts of fellow members of RACUOK by publishing the links with captions through the official social media pages of the club.

Accordingly with these amazing initiatives by the Rotaractors of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya the month of April was enhanced and indeed the effort and commitment of these members led to accomplishing another successful month of the year.

~Written by:- Rtr. Rahma Zuhri | Featured image designed by:- Rtr. Ranula Bhagya~

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