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National Teachers’ Day

We watch them and learn, we listen to them and understand, and we love them as our mothers and fathers. Childhood is filled with such wonderful people who have been holding us throughout a wonderful time of our life. Most of the time we spend our childhood under their surveillance and the place we studied turned out to be our second home. The first day when we stepped into the new place, while our parents left us at the entrance smiling and waving at us, tears were falling from our eyes. They were happy to see us going to school, but we might have either cried or been happy. But when we cried, we might have felt a hand that took us into her arms and led the way to the class. That day we might not have felt that those hands will lead us to the ones who we are now. But it is them who were beside us whenever we needed help, behind us whenever we needed their support and in front of us to show our path and guide us. 

After walking on our own paths and reaching greater heights, though we might have prayed for this to happen, this would not be a reality without them in our lives who always wanted us to shine as successful people. This day is to praise their beautiful heart and their precious love for us. I literally forgot to mention them and probably was writing about how I felt till now, but this is how we feel towards them right? 

They are our dear ‘Teachers’, the only souls who blunt themselves throughout their life and sharpened the future. Each and every one of us must have experienced their love in our lives. Some might have been unnoticed, some might have felt it, some might have loved it and for some, they might have been the light of their life.

 “The beautiful moments are always felt that’s why we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss and dream.”

We shall always feel the gratitude towards them and respect them with our whole heart.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

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