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Pioneers is a project organized by the Professional Development Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, to create a platform for innovative School students, Rotaractors, and Undergraduates to showcase their innovative skills. Pioneers was a tremendous platform for creative minds to flourish in search of sustainable solutions for the crisis the society is currently facing.

Here the contestants were asked to come up with an innovation that has the potential of answering a social crisis issue, and that would provoke sustainability in diverse ways.

The project was initiated first through registrations by getting an initial idea from the contestants about their innovations and then the best innovations were selected and was given the chance of exhibiting and demonstrating their innovations to the adjudicators. Pioneers was judged by an esteemed panel of judges namely Dr. S. P. Pitigala, Dr. Salinda Premadasa, and Dr. Pradeep Samarasekara. They engaged immensely in selecting the most suitable innovations for the winning titles of Most Innovative and Creative Innovation, Most Sustainable Innovation, and Most effective innovation.

The top discoveries were chosen after an extensive exploration, upon them inheriting the potential to be groundbreaking and unique. 

Innovations of Thevindu Disath, Kaveesh Lakshitha Karunathilake, Savindu Gimhan Jayawardana, Nethum Sathsitha Siriwardhana and G.A.N. Anuhas from D.S Senanayake College and Ranudha Kenula Dewage from Thurstan College were announced as joint winners of the Most Innovative and Creative Innovation and they were awarded certificates and Rs. 10.000 cash prizes for each innovation.

The innovation of Christine Iresha Hamit, T.M.Kavithanjali, K. V. N. T. De Silva and N. V. S. Nimthara from University of Kelaniya was announced as the Most Sustainable Innovation and they were awarded certificates and Rs. 10.000 cash prize.

The innovation of Theviru Kisal from Thurstan College was announced as the Most Effective Innovation and he was awarded with a certificate and Rs. 10.000 cash prize.

This quest of unveiling innovation was a journey that counted a lot of effort rendered by the Project Chairs, Avenue Directors and the Organizing committee which have life to a project that had a scope out of the box, and which met a successful closure.

Pioneers paved the path to promote collaboration, encourage the sharing of ideas, and create a culture of innovation.

Innovation is at the core of progress, and for businesses and organizations to thrive, they must continue to innovate and embrace new ideas. Hense Pioneers was an amazing journey that cherished and acknowledged the value of novelty and innovation and was appreciated by many.

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