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Project ‘COEXIST’

Project Coexist initiated under the project Rotatomorrow, was focused on the topic of  “Wildlife and Life Below Water”. With the cooperation of a blessed organizing  committee and its members we were successful enough to launch a webinar concerning Wildlife and Life below Water with the voluntary participation of our honorable guests, Dr. Terney Pradeep, Professor in Oceanography in University of Ruhuna and Miss. Pavithra Attanayake, the project Lead of the Youth Wing of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka.  The Webinar took place on the 08th of April.

With these honorable invitees we were accompanied with an enthusiastic crowd of nature lovers of all ages who came to witness this event. The strength of the webinar motivated us to proceed to another step that we believe would have inspired at least a handful of our beautiful community. Here, under the concept of “අවුරුද්දට පැළයක්” we launched a free give away of 20 Ambarella plants at the premises of the University of Kelaniya on the 20th of April.

The warm heart behind this donation is Mr. Saman Silva who is an English Teacher in Kurunegala and is a personality who has helped so many environmental projects like project Coexist. With a wonderful team work and effort we thus concluded our project amongst many challenges that crossed our way along with a final release of a small album to our social media containing these beautiful memories of a productive initiative. We thus leave a trace that we expect our youth to follow to conserve the wild, the beautiful creatures we rarely see under water and love nature to the fullest extent.

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