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Project Meet the Need – We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one

Project “Meet the Need” organized under the initiative of Rota Tomorrow by the group INVICTUS of Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya aims at improving the living standard of Sri Lankans with lack of water and sanitation facilities.

Meet the Need project was concluded on 7 th April 2022 at Golindawaththa estate, Kegalle giving bright smiles and bigger hopes to the villagers in the area. There were few requirements which we encountered with the prior visits to Golindawaththa area. There was a need of having a motor fixed and other necessary facilities such as a water tank and tap lines, so that the villages could fetch water from the well in the nearest location. There were about 200 families who were benefited through this project. In addition the primary school and the preschool in the area were also suffering due to the lack of proper water facilities. Hence, through this project our intention was to provide the water supply for those schools as well to fulfill their requirement of water.

As the outcome of this project we sincerely believe that the 200 families in Golindawaththa area will be able to fulfill their basic human need of clean water. As a consequence of the insufficient clean water facilities in the area many people were suffering both physically and mentally. Hence through the project Meet The Need we thoroughly believe that we could make a positive change in their lives.

Finally we hope that we were able to provide a sustainable solution for the long burden that was in the minds of people. Moreover through this project our aim was to make the society aware of, the community who are suffering because of the insufficient water and sanitary facilities. We believe that we could accomplish all our objectives that we intended to achieve through the project and that we got together to help and meet their needs.

Written by Rtr. Nipuni Lowe

Design ; Rtr. Rusiru Chanaka

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