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Rotaract Journey of Rtr. Kaveesha De Silva

My Rotaract journey at the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya was an amazing one. I got to know about this club when I was expecting the university entrance and I was eagerly waiting to join. So, I joined the club along with one of my friends as soon as they opened new registrations. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 pandemic those days all the stuff was done online. The new members were added to a WhatsApp group and each and every one gave a brief description of themselves as per the request from the seniors. 

To be honest I did not have any expectations to be in the board of directors. I just did what I loved most. Although I got selected for a Physical Science Degree as I did Combined Mathematics for my A/L s, I really loved English as a subject during my school time and also had equal marks just like I had for mathematics. One day there was a meeting for those who were willing to do writing stuff in the club. I eagerly joined that Zoom meeting and then the former president asked someone to volunteer for English caption writing. I loved to write, but I did not have any idea about caption writing. So, I waivered a bit but gave my name. The next day I was added to a group along with the board of directors at that time. From then onwards I wrote may be hundreds of captions for so many projects! It was never exhausting! What I wrote was translated into Sinhala and Tamil and was shared in the groups along with my name beneath. Maybe the sole reason for that enthusiasm was that every time when a director asked for a caption, and I wrote one they thanked me and really admired it. There were times when even the President and Secretary also commented. And I felt like I have got a chance as I just reached the directors at hand which not so many members were able to. Also, I was lucky enough to make friends from different faculties through our projects who have become close friends now. I wrote several blog articles for the project “Female”. Later as per the suggestion of the then Senior Editor, I applied for the position of Editor when they called applications for the board of directors for the following year.

From then onwards, for me another year at RACUOK began as the Co-Editor of the club. Since that day, after training a newer group giving proper guidance, I may have proofread thousands of captions and hundreds of documents. Along with the support of the Senior Editor and the other two Co-Editors, we have done an amazing job. It is really wonderful to realize what a load of work the four of us have done so far. Though I have so much to talk about the experiences that I gained, the things that I have learnt, the moments we struggled, and the times when we really enjoyed, I am going to end my narration due to the word limit. 

Although the times we physically met were really rare, with no hesitance, I can convince that we; the board of directors 2021-22 have completed another Rotaract year in a marvelous manner. 

Rtr. Kaveesha De Silva

Co-Editor (2021-22)

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