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Rotaract Journey of Rtr. Ranula Bhagya

I’m Ranula Bhagya, working as a Digital Media Co-Director of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for the year 2021-22. If I look back at my Rotaract journey, I joined the Rotaract club in 2018 and this is my 3rd year in Rotaract. 

Firstly, I had no idea about the Rotaract club when I joined. After that, I got the opportunity to participate in projects. So, I joined many projects during the years, as a photographer, OC member and designer. I’ve met more than a hundred friends during these past 3 years and I’m incredibly happy about that. Physical events are the best for me because we can enjoy ourselves and also meet together.

‘Down the Wicket’ is a memorable project in the Rotaract club for me, as it is a major physical event held in the club. And also, we have worked together to make the project a success. I was also engaged in many projects as a designer during my Rotaract journey. When I participated in projects, I was able to develop my designing skills and professional skills which is an important fact of happiness.

This is the final quarter of my Rotaract year 2021-22. Although it is a sad remark, I thank everyone who were encouraging and supporting me throughout to find my way.

Rtr. Ranula Bhagya

Co-Director - Digital Media Avenue (2021-22)

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