You are currently viewing The Emerald Map of Mystery Land – Chapter 02

The Emerald Map of Mystery Land – Chapter 02

Moving on to mysteries with the scared of death. It’s obvious Ethan stepped on a stick. They had no option rather to stand silent for long. They were so scared that they couldn’t speak, and the only sound was the soft rustling in the wind.

Luckily, little Olivia had her tiny torch chained with her, which was a remembrance gift from her late grandma. She took out her torch and checked around, but they found nothing nearby. Even though it made their fear stronger and there was no way to go back, they gathered the courage they had left and walked towards an unknown place.

Feeling happy and curious, they went forward and saw a light shining ahead. Wondering what they might find, the tired friends quickly walked towards the light. When they finally reached it, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They had found what the map was showing. The three friends looked at the light quietly for a while. Eventually, Olivia took a step forward and signaled her friends to follow.

Their hearts were full of joy, and they felt excited, but they knew that their journey might still be uncertain. They were pulled into a nearby tunnel very fast. The tunnel surrounded them, and they felt the wind on their faces. They couldn’t do anything but scream at that moment, and their voices echoed in the dark.

Their bodies rolled and turned, and they felt dizzy. They held onto each other even though they were scared. Suddenly, as quickly as it had started, the wild ride in the tunnel stopped suddenly. They found themselves in a new world with bright colors and strange creatures around them.

Another twist, once again! Weren’t their journeys supposed to end? What lies in that unimaginable world? With little courage, they face this new twist. Is it a positive sign, or have they once again reached an irrecoverable point?

Twist after twist, fear upon fear, stay tuned with us to discover the adventurous journey of these little marvels.

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