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The International Day of Education

The International Day of Education which is held annually on the 24th of January was established by the UNESCO International Organization. This day brings attention towards an immensely important element among humankind which is ‘Education’. Here’s presenting you a reminder on the importance of education to make a world of equality, kindness, and togetherness.

A tool can be anything, but it all depends on the person, and how he/she uses it. Rather to make a difference or rather to destroy. 

If a kid was given a knife. What’s the first thing the kid would do? Probably do something hazardous. But if the kid was thoughtful about how to use a knife and how to handle it. He would probably learn to use it effectively without hurting himself.

Everything in life can be so simple at times. Some get it for free and some don’t. It is not their fault. There can be many things that we miss to appreciate, just like mom’s love. There are some things we get free of charge but there are many who do not. 

To feel the importance of something do we have to lose it?

No, we can realize the fact that her presence is merely a gift for us. Who is always there for us and sharing all your pain and happiness. Start appreciating everything. Isn’t it all knowledge? As humans we are civilized but still, there are inhuman activities all around the world. Humans have the ability to think and work accordingly, compared to animals. 

I do not know! Are we blessed with knowledge or cursed?

It is still a doubtful question. Even though you call it a blessing. Why does inequality, insecurities, and imbalance in each and every aspect of life exist?

We as humans have a vent within us. Which is not visible to our eyes. We allow all the negative thoughts, the pressure of the rat race, selfishness, work pressure, external pressure, the chase for wealth, and all sorts of things that aren’t really important to us to possess our minds.

 Is it life?

 Isn’t life about living?

Ask yourself, are you living the life you need? We can always do magic. Thomas Edison failed plenty of times and he said that he found 10,000 ways that will not work. Did he merely study hard and get a degree and go to work and turned out to be a great person. No, he just found a problem and worked hard on it, and boom! Now he is in Google as a great scientist. He figured out a problem and worked on the problem his entire life. Even though, he failed plenty of times the love he had to make a difference kept him going. You all can go for it. Each and every one of you. There is no tomorrow and yesterday. The only thing that is available is the present. Live a life for you to remember.

Who are you? Have you ever asked this question from anyone? Probably yes, but have you asked yourself?

Ask it today!

To find yourself first, you have to educate yourself. If we are enhanced in terms of knowledge, ethics, and emotions, the world will then transform into a joyous place. There won’t be so many inequalities and imbalances in the world.

There must be something quite common in us, and that is ‘humanity’. The greatest quality of mankind and proper education can truly make a difference. Even though we make mistakes at the end, we are a species gifted with intelligence compared to other species. Tother we can make the world a better place.

On this International Day of Education. Let us all remind ourselves that we can build a beautiful world upon the foundation of education. 

Hail Education!

Hail Mankind!

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