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World Cancer Day

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” 

-Cayla Mills-

Cancer is a severe problem faced by the world since it may be deadly and life-threatening. This severe sickness caused many deaths, and many others are still dealing with its anguish. Cancer is a disease in which the damaged cells begin to divide uncontrollably and eventually spread throughout the body, resulting in a highly dangerous sickness, and leaving the patient in an extremely painful state. A few years ago, cancer was an incurable illness that claimed many lives.

Now there are several cancer therapy options as a result of many years of study. For instance, radiation; uses radioactive rays to destroy cancer cells, whereas chemotherapy is an extremely unpleasant cancer treatment method. Nevertheless, this disease is a global problem, and researchers and medical professionals are working to discover a permanent cure.

Therefore, the World Cancer Day is observed globally to increase awareness of the causes, symptoms, treatments, and safety measures. Every year on the 4th of February, people commemorate this day. The World Cancer Declaration aims were drafted in 2008, and it was originally encouraged and coordinated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The reduction of illness and fatalities, brought on by this disease is the main objective of this day.

Because some people believe that a diseased person may be dangerous to others, the people who suffer from this agonizing illness are occasionally disregarded by their loved ones. However, this is not a good practice. To heal from this illness, the person in pain requires the compassion and attention of others. Chemotherapy is a highly painful process, thus the person who is suffering needs love and care to help him create the willpower needed to battle the sickness.

This year’s theme of the World Cancer Day is “Close the care gap,” which aims to raise awareness of the disparities in cancer care and encourage action to advance their redress.

Together let’s spread the message of humanity while presenting smiles and happiness to all who are striving for hope.

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