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World Day of Social Justice

The phrase “Social Justice” simply means that everyone’s human rights are well respected, protected, and promoted in the same way everywhere on Earth. This includes finding solutions to a hundred burning social matters such as poverty, gender inequality, Unemployment, Social and economic exclusion, and so on. Social justice does not mean everyone will live happily by receiving everything in the same way, but it means that everyone will have an equal opportunity of fighting for everything they need without hurting or getting hurt by someone else.

Many organizations including the UN, and International Labor organization currently working hard to bring social justice to each and every corner of the world. As the most basic step, every country has its own system of law to protect human rights. And further many local and global nongovernmental organizations have launched various programs toward the common goal. 

As another step in establishing social justice in 2005 during the session of the Commission of Social Development, It was decided to celebrate a special day for the promotion of concrete activities in accordance with the objectives and goals of the World Summit for Social Development. The World Day of Social Justice is dedicated to raising awareness around the world about the importance of finding solutions to all social inequality issues. The theme of World Social Justice Day 2023 is “Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice” which is yet another open invitation to gather all the nations around the common goal of achieving social justice.

While global organizations work towards these goals as individuals, we all have a responsibility to establish social justice by respecting and protecting each other’s human rights. No matter where a person comes from, we need to treat each and every one with proper respect in order to create a world where everyone is properly justified.

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