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World Down Syndrome Day

Down syndrome is a common condition when a person has an extra chromosome. It is incurable but with necessary treatment, could be reduced to some extent. This is not a disease, but it is an inborn condition that happens to certain people.

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated globally to raise awareness among people about it. People around the world are invited to wear odd socks on this special day to celebrate the uniqueness of down syndrome people. They do have unique characteristics compared to those of the majority of people.

We at the workplace should always keep the environment open to people like them, to make use of their unique ability, not criticize them for their appearance, to accept their opinions reasonably, and to treat them equally.

One of the branches in a pizza hut in Sri Lanka has an outlet that welcomes down syndrome people and allows them to work with others. Even though they are slow when they speak, they are indeed very fast in understanding things than an average person.

It is one of the special days in the calendar where we could celebrate it with empathy and spend time with the ones who are with Down’s syndrome and try to make their life better and happy.

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