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World Food Day

The 16th of October is known as the World Food Day.

Are you curious to learn why we celebrate food? We celebrate ‘food day’ because it is an annual reminder that food insecurity and hunger remain widespread around the world. Additionally, this day indicates the anniversary of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. The day is significant not only to celebrate the valuable food we get to eat every day but also, to spread awareness about those who struggle to get at least one meal daily.

 ‘Leave NO ONE behind’ is the theme of world food day this year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the current global issues are making it harder to obtain and find nourishing foods. The difficulty is primarily severe for the 80% of people classified as “extremely poor”. They are mostly struggling with human-made reasons and natural disasters. Some of them are marginalized due to gender and ethnic origin.

You too can contribute to celebrate the World Food Day. That is by giving food to people who are longing for food. Although most of us are fortunate to have food, many people are starving without any food. If you cannot find hungry people, you can donate food or money to the nearest food bank. World Food Day is an excellent opportunity to reminisce on the value of food.

Accordingly, it’s obvious that world food day promotes worldwide awareness about people who suffer from hunger. It results in taking action to endure food security and nutritious diets for people. World food day is a fantastic opportunity to support achieving zero hunger by 2030.

We must commit to never wasting food on this World Food Day. Because we are fortunate to have food. Let’s help save food and take the required steps to help starving people. Never stop giving thanks to God for providing us with nutrition. 

Greetings on the World Food Day!

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