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World Heart Day

A campaign called “World Heart Day” was established to raise awareness on heart health among the general public worldwide. In order to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases, this day was established in the year 2000. Heart illnesses which include stroke, heart failure, heart attack, etc. affect a significant portion of the general population in the society. The leading causes of death worldwide are heart problems.

Annually on the 29th of September, people all around the world commemorate it. Every year, a certain theme is chosen for the celebration in order to draw attention to the main idea and make it successful. The primary factors affecting cardiovascular health are taken into consideration when organizing the subject. According to the World Heart Federation, controlling four primary risk factors, including an unhealthy diet, use of cigarettes, inactivity, and use of alcohol can prevent at least 80% of premature deaths (caused by cardiovascular illnesses). Through the promotion of World Heart Day, the general public may actively contribute to the reduction of heart-related ills and fatalities. Around the world, a range of governmental, commercial, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are working to raise awareness about CVD, the leading cause of mortality.

From the day it was created until 2010, the World Heart Day was observed annually on the final Sunday of September. The World Heart Federation has organized it successfully every year since its establishment in 2000. The 29th of September has been designated as the annual celebration day as of 2011. In order to alert the general public about early deaths from heart illnesses and their risk factors, the World Heart Federation and its members actively participate in the event. In this campaign, the World Heart Federation has a large number of partners, including several major international non-profits (Indian Heart Association). This campaign promotes a variety of efficient preventative measures to lessen the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

Every year, various events and activities related to heart health are organized across the world to mark World Heart Day and raise awareness among the general public. The goal of this campaign is to mobilize a sizable number of enthusiastic participants to ensure its success and the eradication of heart disease worldwide. People can participate in the celebration in a variety of ways, including by making their own plans, posting selfies with healthy hearts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to support the campaign, and by frequently checking the world heart federation website for the most recent news and information.

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