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World Poetry Day

The art of words that uses the melodious magic of expressing thoughts is thus presented as poetry.

Poetry is one such art which is nourished by the creative thoughts, emotions, experiences, or ideas of its writer. ‘Poetry, also called verse, is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and often rhythmic qualities of language’ is the definition provided by Wikipedia and what makes a poem special or unique from the rest of the writing is the rhythmic quality of the language. Whatever language is used as the tool to carve this magnificent outcome, this rhythmic language, creativity, and the attractive flow of words are what add in the sparkle of glowing poetry. 

The World Poetry Day is celebrated annually on the 21st of March aiming to foster linguistic diversity via poetry expression and provide endangered languages more opportunities to be heard. The World Poetry Day was founded in 1999 by UNESCO in the hopes of promoting poetry as a way to communicate across borders and cultural differences. On this day reading your favorite poems, recommending poems for others to read, and even writing your own are some of the activities that you can take part in. 

Poetry has and is continuing to play a gigantic role in the survival of ancient languages, in the development of the world, and the enlightenment of the world.

Though you count, one two or three

With immense creativity within a poetry

Poems cannot be measured and tied

But will take you on a roller coaster ride

Get your pen and paper, and scrip your artistic flow of words soon.

Have you ever felt inexpressible, stressed and sorrowful? Well, try taking a piece of paper and get your favorite pen and start writing a poem. It will definitely make your thoughts and emotions expressed in such a beautiful and artistic way. Your mind will be diverted and relaxed while you focus on the flow of words and add in the essence of rhyming into it.
All the best for your writing!

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