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World Red Cross Day

Do you have ever seen a symbol of red cross on a white background? Do you want to hear the story behind it? Then, you would definitely recognize what it is and the exceptional movement behind it after reading this article for sure!

The human beings suffer from various kinds of disasters throughout their life expeditions. The experiences are filled with a lot of emotions and perspectives. People feel cheerfulness and delightfulness. At the same time, People face the violence and disappointment in another corner of the earth. The war zones tear the hopes of one’s future apart. To showcase the love of humanity for the underprivileged humanity, the red cross movement has been established after the World War 2.

Red cross movement is an organization which furthers giving the supportive hands in medical assistance for vulnerable people in war zones, natural disastrous places etc. It extraordinarily bounds with the volunteerism. To celebrate the sincerity of the red cross movement, May 8th of every year marks the world red cross day while cherishing the outstanding contribution for humans and the dignity of red cross volunteers and workers all around the globe. This day glorifies the birth anniversary of the founder of the International Committee of Red cross movement (ICRC), Jean Henry – Dunant. He is the recipient of the first Nobel peace prize offered for the tremendous effort towards the wounded soldiers in the 2nd  world war era and for spreading the essence of humanity through the red cross movement.

Red cross is not only about medical support. It assists in many facets by the help of the red cross movement’s more than 97 millions of volunteers, workers and stuff members. They enhance the red cross vision through the supply of the first aid, emergency response, health and social care, preparing for disasters, refugees services and by helping to find missing families. Red cross symbol is gained much popularity and it significantly identifies the red cross personalities on a battlefield. Apart from that, there are 7 principals followed by red cross movement. They are,

• Humanity

• Impartiality

• Neutrality

• Independence

• Voluntary services

• Unity

• Universality

This humanitarian aid organization is serving more than 160 million persons in a year in 192 countries worldwide. Red cross movement intends to ensure the health and security of human beings while respecting each others not giving any priority according to one’s gender, skin colour, cast or religious beliefs. It acts to protect the vulnerable people from human suffering. The red cross movement emerges before, during and after a health emergency or natural disaster protecting and providing the assistance to the people in need.

Red cross fosters the world in a harmless way to each and every person. It showcases the beauty of peace. It depicts the strength of the volunteerism. May 8th is the celebration of the tribute towards the amazing volunteers, hard workers with such dedication and empowerment for striving red cross vision into a delightful reality. It is the perfect day to symbolize the power and importance of red cross movement to the world.

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