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Batman: A Real Life Hero


This is about the portrayal of the Protagonist in the DC movie: Dark Knight (2008), which is rather realistic and so I picked up on the reasons why is it considered realistic. To accomplish this, I had to compare the movie with other comic-based movies, leading to a character analysis (what makes Batman/ Bruce Wayne more realistic and what I mean by realistic, etc.) and an in-depth analysis of the movie. Moreover, I gathered data from lit reviews and it was quite easy cuz the movie indeed was famous. Additionally, I conducted 10 semi-structured interviews with 10 people who have watched the movie as well. All these helped in claiming my assumption that Batman’s character has been presented rather realistically is true.


The popularity gained by the DC comic-based movies from the Batman franchise is perceivable through its notable income that lead it to be a top-grossing superhero franchise of all time.

Another significant aspect of the movie is the manner in which Christopher Nolan projects the protagonist of the movie, one of the most popular comic-based heroes of all time; Batman. Batman is no ordinary hero because he does not fit into the ideals we have of other superheroes. Let us compare his character with other comic-based characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman who possess superpowers that we ordinary humans cannot perceive in life. Batman’s superpower is his fortune which has rather been exaggeratedly presented because he is crazy rich but being rich is not as not normal as imagining a man jumping off skyscrapers!

A glimpse into the character of Batman reveals that he is more than a man behind the mask who seeks justice. Linking to The Batman 2022 where Batman says “I am vengeance”, he constantly yearns for vengeance throughout all his movies more than giving priority to establishing justice or saving lives. Quoting Roger Ebert’s review reveals that Batman is neither a lifesaver nor a hero among Gotham’s citizens, “The citizens of Gotham City are in an uproar, calling him a vigilante and blaming him for the deaths of policemen and others.” This makes the character of Batman a puzzle when considering whether he is “good” or “bad”. This also establishes how realistic he is as a character, keep aside all these superheroes and take a look into your own self. We, feel jealousy, possess rage, and compete with others. Similarly, we perceive all these traits in the character of Batman. 

Thus, it is observable that, with these complex character traits assigned to the character of Batman, he is no ordinary superhero but a real-life hero!

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