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Books Have Wings

What is the most enjoyable era of your life? Of cause, it is your childhood. Our face brightens with a delightful smile when we go back to reminisce about those cheerful memories. We were curious about the world. We had many boundaries to explore. To accomplish this mission, “books” were huge tools since our childhood.

Books are like powerhouses. They have the spirit to make someone into a knowledgeable, joyous and healthy human being. The culture of books is vastly popular all around the world since the past. It would indeed extend into the future too just as popular as today. It is one of the prestigious hobbies to mention for many people. There are different varieties of books written for relevant age groups, for various subjects, for various purposes etc. When we were children, we loved to read books like මඩොල් දූව, අඹ යාලුවෝ and many more that shared its adventurous and amazing experiences with us throughout the read. They enlivened our childhood by teaching us the lessons of dedication, excitement and friendship. Some of us also had and still have an obsession with the Harry Potter novel series written by the British author J. K. Rowling. She succeeded at evoking her imaginative mindset into words and entertaining millions of individuals. Enid Blyton’s books were much loved by us as kids and even today remain our favorites. Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Prince and the Pauper told us about the reality of life and society. We learnt about life through pages of books by just reading, sitting among walls but traveling around the world. School days were full of ‘booked’ days which we love to recall and relive. 

Books are written for many purposes under different subject areas such as science, history, literature, sports, languages, etc. which not only gives knowledge but also entertainment. As we pass our childhood and enter into a new chapter of adulthood we find no time to spend on books. Do we spend as much time on books as we did in our childhood? If your answer is ‘no’, the next question is “what are the reasons for the ‘no’?” 

If you have the time and effort to spare to live among the pages of books, they can make you explore yourself and construct a healthy mind. They build a genuine human being. Books help you learn more about languages and novel language patterns. They illuminate your imagination. They increase your memory level. Books guide you to become a balanced individual. They tell you stories from different territories, and different spectacular cultures around the globe. They tell stories even from the extraterrestrial world too. The imagination of authors could bring marvelous creations as in science fiction novels.

All of these are advantages that we knew but with our busy schedules, we had no choice but to leave them behind.

Start your reading today and sink into that mesmerizing world of pages. A book has the power towards mental relaxation and eternal happiness.

Books give you wings!

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