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Break the Silence. Beat the Fear

“A Woman is like a river, a river that keeps flowing and never stops. Even at the points
where they meet stones and rocks to tamper their way. Or even if a storm or a hurricane
disturbs their way…”

People always see women as strong elements in the society. They appreciate, and acknowledge the efforts of women publicly, and even carry boards protesting with the sign #feminism. But do all these actions have a key objective? Or are they done to receive social attention? To just put the problems of “Gender Discrimination”, “Gender Inequality”, “Sexual Assault”, “Domestic Violence” etc. under the rug to conceal the fact that they really exist? Society is fierce when it comes to the fact of achieving Justice for a woman.

It’s really surprising and pathetic to see the number of unsolved rape cases in the world,
where the rapist is set free or not arrested due to simple justifications like lack of evidence, tampering of evidence, the rapist being a powerful figure, etc. Even in the 21st century, a woman is finding it difficult to freely walk on a road at night, or even wear an outfit that makes her confident due to social criticisms and the FEAR of getting assaulted, raped, and exploited. We walk with boards raised shouting for justice, but where is it?

Independence is something we all crave. To buy what we want, do what we want, and live the way we want to without depending on anyone. But today how many husbands cut the Wings of their wives as soon as they marry them? How many potential phenomenal ladies are left inside houses or outside in an office doing things that they didn’t dream of? Things they didn’t want to do? There are so many women who give up their dreams to fulfill their parents’ wishes or even to raise the children in their family. Unspoken, Unheard, and Unseen those beautiful dreams get buried under the soil and never come up.

Even in the most professional work environment and in the most unprofessional public transport, women are abused daily due to ill-mannered people with disturbed and unusual mindsets. 

Women are sometimes not measured through their skills, talents and capabilities, but measured through their gender which can be conveniently observed in the professional and industrial scope of employment.

The most beautiful dream of a girl is Marriage. They color this dream from a very young age. But sometimes the colors of this dream gets washed away, and that beautiful painting tears up into pieces when they settle down with abusive partners and give up on the people they truly love, due to norms, culture, religion, and parents’ wishes.

All these scenarios lead us to one question.

Why? Why don’t they speak for themselves?


This is the biggest ghost that could possess you to be a person where you feel that if you raise your voice you will die. Or you will be suffocated with more violence, abuse etc. You will have no one to run to. But because we don’t speak for ourselves the numbers of these crimes keep on increasing because ill-mannered people who engage in these wrongdoings see this as a part of their routine and take it easy.


Give Life to the warrior in you and don’t ever be scared to speak up for something that makes you uncomfortable or exploited or humiliated. Make yourself clear. Let your fear be the fire that burns the abusers through your own action process and your words.

Let’s make the society a better place for women.

Happy Women’s Day!

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