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International Day of Forests

Among many other planets in the universe “Planet Earth” turns out to be the most unique and outstanding planet due to a special reason, which is the ‘existence of life’. The planet Earth pursues its beauty from the elements of nature and one such remarkable element which makes the world an ethereal greenery home for all living beings is ” Forests”. Forests are defined as ‘a complex ecological system in which trees are the dominant life-form’. But a forest is much more than that, its value to the world cannot be limited to a mere sentence. It is indeed a magical land for all living organisms. It is a home for nearly half of all species providing food and shelter. Forests don’t lend their helping hand only to animals but give a huge hug of care and affection to the entire globe by purifying the air we breathe, protecting other eco systems, filtering the water and refilling aquifers. Forests also take necessary precautions to heal the planet from the damages caused by mankind like muffling noise pollution, preventing soil erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change etc.

There are different types of forests upon the earth and it is said that these forests cover approximately one third of the planet’s surface.  All these types of forests carry vital importance for the existence of life and as a result of these huge impacts tropical rainforests are often called as the ‘lungs of the planet’.

But today as the battle among nature and artificial conquering happens these forests are facing threats of destruction. Deforestation and severe forest degradation are currently the most supreme eco problems faced due to human acts such as urbanization, mining activities, unsustainable forest management, use of forest land for agricultural croplands and many more. 

So the big question is “What do we do next?” and the answer is simple yet spread in a wide context which is “PROTECT FORESTS”. Every individual and nation has a mandatory obligation to invest time and effort to protect this indispensable gift of nature. “Plant trees!” is something we hear every day and the necessity of reminding this never fades away. Keep planting, contribute on your behalf by using tree free products, support organizations which protect this resource, enjoy the magnificence within forests while acting responsibly and always have care towards forests as the intention is where the spark begins.

The International Day of Forests which is held annually on the 21st of March was established by the United Nations to encourage all nations and individuals to be a part and contribute by investing their effort to protect forests.

Imagine the majestic atmosphere of a forest with the perfect blend of sunshine, shade, warmth, cold, wind, greenery, aqua and all wonderful elements of nature. The most magnificent legacy that can be carried ahead towards the future for an exultant existence on our home; earth, is the Forests of the Globe.   

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