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Eid al-Fitr

Eid ul Fitr is a celebration that is done at the end of the holy month called Ramadan. It is a celebration that commemorates the conclusion of 30 days of fasting. When we speak a tiny bit of the fasting, it is an action where the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset where they don’t eat or drink. The people who are in the age of 10 and above should fast where as there are exceptions to certain people.

On Eid ul Fitr there are several acts that need to be followed in order to celebrate this amazing day. Starting off with rising up early, and having a bath, wearing new attire, going to the mosque to pray are some. Thereafter it is continued with decorating the table with goodies and yummy food to entertain the visitors and we, also in return visit all the relations’ house to greet and exchange blessings among each other.

The best part about Eid would be the gift part of it. All the young crowd enthusiastically wait for the gifts from uncles and aunts as it is a tradition followed from the past. The elders either give gifts or they give money to the young crowd to buy something for their own.

This amazing day is ended up with so much of love and care from each other and of course pre-planning is done on what to do from the money that has been collected.

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