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Every Pain is Mine!

I am a soul

With a thousand shades of pain;

And a million wings of struggles;

And a trillion waves of encumbrance.


The pain,

Sometimes shakes the Earth

Who asks the Lord of the Worlds,

With rains of tears unusual to him;

“Can she bear more?”

I hear the Lord’s prompt reply

Like a thunder to my rickety heart

“Of course, I’ll make her strong enough.”


The Earth shudders itself 

Muttering to me,

“Poor girl!”


“I’m enriched with oceans of despair

And nourished with clouds of misery

How would you say I’m poor, huh?”


If only Pain’s got a form,

You’ll find her right here

In my shadow!


Do you figure it out?

Every pain in every world is mine 

And mine forever…

Rtr. Nuzha Farook

Co-Editor 2022-23

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  1. RIMAS

    superb one 👏

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