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You should never let anyone or anything blow out the light of Hope within you.

H.O.P.E. also known as “Hold on Pain Ends” was a Community Service project organized under the guidance of the avenue directors Rtr. Nethmi Fonseka and Rtr. Gimhani Rathnayake. Our main objective was to raise awareness about mental health and also to assist people who are suffering from various psychological issues.

The project continued under two phases. The first was a video series featuring a group of popular Sri Lankan artists and public figures who presented their thoughts and experiences on mental health.

You can now watch the videos on our official YouTube channel:

A Creative Writing and a drawing Competition was also organized to provide a space for our talented writers and artists to showcase their talents. The topics given for the competitions were based on mental health.

In a world full of never-ending challenges each day, it is important that we pay more attention to our mental well-being during these trying times more than in any other time. The project was a huge success with the tireless dedication and active engagement of our Rotaractors. This marked a milestone project of our club due to the positive impact it made on the society.

~Written by Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe, Senior editor

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