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International Being You Day

Beauty is explicit but when it comes with supreme authenticity it becomes more original.

The International Being You Day is a special day celebrated on the 22nd of May every year to promote self-awareness, self-care, and self-acceptance. This day is all about being yourself and celebrating your unique qualities. As we approach International Being You Day 2023, people from all over the world are joining together to celebrate their individuality. This day is all about embracing who you are and celebrating your authentic self. People are encouraged to participate in activities that promote self-love and self-care, such as yoga, meditation, and journaling.

Today, all of us are running a never-ending race, behind unrealistic mirages, failing to embrace the beauty of our own selves. With the emerging competition and rivalry in the world, every individual is busy running behind their dreams. Sometimes these dreams and far from their passions. But to align with everyone else people try to change. Not to satisfy themselves but to satisfy the society. People have genuinely forgotten what it’s like to feel the fresh air surrounded by yourself. People have forgotten the beauty of embracing your own perfections and moving on. People have forgotten what it’s like to feel the presence and the liveliness of being in the company of the Amazing YOU!

Being yourself can sometimes be challenging and hard. You might feel that you are not enough, not sufficient, and not real enough to engage and face your challenges. Being you has become a crime. Trying to be yourself has become Hard and Trying to embrace your own self has become significantly challenging. But trying to imitate someone has been an activity that happens quite frequently sometimes even without our knowledge. People try to outstand and trigger people to be kike them sometimes.

With this ‘Being You’ has gone under the rug very effortlessly. Even if we live in a society this life is ours and it is important that we identify the fact that we should always try to make ourselves happy and fulfilled no matter what it is.

No matter the criticism, no matter the judgment, being you is of extreme importance as your life and what you do with life will solely be dependent on you. 


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